Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Love Heart Cushion

As I was browsing Pinterest, I stumbled across the loveliest cushion and like many other sewers I immediately thought to myself..."I want to make this". I do this with just about everything I see, but very rarely actually end up following through. But this cushion was just too cute to not replicate. So I just had to go to my local haberdashery to pick up all of the materials I needed.

I picked up some hessian for the front section and decided on plain red cotton fabric for the back. I also made sure I picked up plenty of red ribbon and red zips, as I wanted to make four to go in the lounge. As I have only recently got back into sewing, I want to keep my first few projects quite simple and these definitely were just that. I do need to dust up on my zip inserting skills though (oops) and threading ribbon through hessian is quite tedious (yawn) but apart from that it was great fun and I was really pleased with how they turned out.

Image take from Pinterest
My finished Cushion

So what do you think of my Love Heart Cushion? I always find the best inspiration on Pinterest - if you haven't already got an account, I would definitely recommend that you sign up. It's great for finding ideas for Craft Projects, Home Decor and Weddings!!


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