Wednesday, 30 December 2015

#CraftBlogClub // Secret Santa


It's Craft Blog Club Secret Santa time! This is the second year I have taken part & I love it - you can see last year's post here! It's a great way to find new bloggers as well as being creative! I was given Dominique, a fellow member of Craft Blog Club who I had never come across before (see, it really is a great way to find new people) so I immediately browsed her Etsy Shop, to be sure I didn't sent something she already makes herself. I am loving decoupage at the moment, so settled on creating a lovely, colourful decoupage photo frame. I also made a decoupage Christmas decoration, as it is Christmas & all...! 

On Christmas Eve Eve, I had a card from the postman to say my package was at the sorting office. I totally forgot about Secret Santa so was super excited when I realised what it was! So excited that I opened my gift on Christmas Eve! My gift was from Shelley Makes & it was so lovely. She noticed that I liked Sewing Bee & Bake Off so combined the two & made me a cute little sewing wallet & a Pin Cushion Ring! I love them both & can't wait to use them....especially the Pin Cushion Ring!  

Thank you to the lovely ladies who run #CraftBlogClub & organised the various challenges. I can't wait for the next one! Did you take part in Craft Blog Clubs Secret Santa this year? Post you links below if you did, I would love to see what you made/recieved! 


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #42

Go Ice Skating 

As a Pre-Christmas treat, I booked for myself & Nick to go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London. Nick hasn't been before & he loves Christmas so it was the perfect surprise for him! I had been previously but never really had the opportunity to really soak up the atmosphere & explore it all properly. 

I booked for us both to go to Zippos Circus & Ice Skating - another tick off my 101 Things (although I have been Ice Skating twice since starting this list....)! 


Have you ever been Ice Skating before?


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Feeling Festive // Christmas Centre Piece

9 sleeps to go! 

Every year my Mum makes her own centre piece to go on the table on Christmas Day. It always looks so lovely so I thought this year I would give it a go too! I picked up the cutest little robin from a local garden centre along with some oasis. I then ventured off to my grandparents house to attack their holly tree. 

Unfortunately, this year there wasn't many berries on them & any that did have a few on fell off! Once I had gathered my holly clippings & soaked the oasis in water, I was ready to begin. I chose to arrange mine in a cute polka dot tin jug (borrowed from my Gran!) but you could use anything you prefer. I cut down the stems to the right length & pulled off any unwanted holly before pushing them into the oasis & arranging in the jug. 

Please Note: Holly leaves are prickly & can really bloody hurt! 

I was really pleased with how it turned out, although it took me a little while to get it looking the way I wanted. The robin is perfect & adds a lovely bit of colour too! It's definitely something to take your time on!

What do you think? Will you be making your own festive centre piece this year? 


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Feeling Festive // Homemade Advent Calendar

Happy Wednesday! 

Every Christmas I always decide I want to make my own advent calendar but I'm usually too late or never get around to doing it. So this year I made sure I was prepared - well kind of! I purchased the wooden tree from Hobbycraft back in November, which was £15. Not bad considering you can use it as many times as you like. I knew I wanted to paint the tree & decoupage the drawers but wasn't sure what colours to go with. I opted for a blue, white & red Christmassy Deco Maché paper, which I cannot for the life of me find the paper I used on the Hobbycraft website! I went for stripes with the paper as I tried randomly sticking the paper on & it didn't really work.

I settled on using Farrow & Ball Green Blue paint (No. 84) - mainly because I already had a small pot of it at home & was dying to use it for something! When I had finished painting it I was surprised with how lovely the colour was - it actually matched the decoupage paper really well too! I finished it with a little wooden heart shaped card topper that says "Merry Christmas". Very cute. I am really pleased with the way it looks - it sits on the sideboard in our lounge so everyone who visits can see it! I have had lots of lovely comments from friends/family. The only thing missing are the numbers. Hobbycraft had sold out & I couldn't find anything I really liked elsewhere. We have decided to open them top to bottom instead of using numbers - maybe I'll add them on in time for next Christmas...!

Have you made your own advent calendar this year?


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #12

Work in a Job I love!

Well hello there! It's been a long time I know (sorry)! There are a number of reasons for my absence, with the main one being a new job I started back in September! Starting a new job is scary, but I was super nervous as since finishing university last summer, I just hadn't really settled anywhere & found a job role that I really felt happy in. Within the first week I knew this job was just perfect for me. Phew! 

For those of you wondering, I work for my local Mind Charity as a Community Fundraiser. Mental Health is a topic I find so fascinating & have a great passion for so when I was offered the job, I kinda knew I would love it! And the job role is perfect for me as I am actually able to put my degree to good use! 

I have always been a person who loves being challenged & learning new things, which this job role certainly offers me! I get bored easily so working on lots of different projects at once keeps me motivated and I really love being able to use my creativity to come up with my own ideas too. I think its safe to say that this is a big fat tick on my 101 Things & I am so pleased, as I was starting to wonder if this one was a little unrealistic!

Now that I am settled in my new job, I am going to start blogging regularly again as I have really missed it. If you enjoy reading my posts, please do comment!


Sunday, 30 August 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #92

Upload a Video on YouTube

When I wrote this, I am pretty sure I had in mind some kind of DIY Tutorial or similar. But I'll be totally honest with you - I would find that hideously awkward! I wouldn't even know where to begin & definitely don't have the confidence to sit in front of a camera & babble on before uploading it for all to see. Scary! So instead, I have settled for a lovely little GoPro video edit of a Sunday bike ride in the sun we had a few weeks ago. It was a lovely day & we didn't have much else to do. I got Nick the GoPro for his Birthday so we thought it would be fun to test it out. I did a very basic video edit & added in some music. It was really fun & I want to make so many more videos of our day trips/adventures so watch this space (although I wouldn't ever do a proper vlog as again, I think I would be too awkward). So here is my first (very simple) YouTube video.

I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please hit the like button. And if you want to stay updated with any of our future advertures, maybe hit the subcribe button :)


Music: Love Like This - Kodaline

Friday, 28 August 2015

100 Happy Days // Challenge Completed

I cannot believe my 100 Happy Days has come to an end! I started this challenge wayyyy back in May, which seems like such a long time ago now. It is amazing how quickly the time has gone & the things that have changed during that time as well. Here are my final photos of the last part of my 100 Happy Days...

Some highlights of my 100 Happy Days include winning a competition, being offered a new job, selling an item on Etsy & becoming a Make-a-Wish Volunteer. Although these are really big & exciting things, I have also learnt to enjoy the simple, everyday things in life - like making a really yummy dinner, reading a good book & spending time with my friends! If you want to take a look at all of my 100 Happy Day photos you can either search the Hashtag "100HappyDaysOfZoFlo" on Instagram or see my blog updates listed below

Have you completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge? 


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thursday Thoughts #37

Happy Thursday!

It's been such a rainy week here in Somerset & I totally agree with todays Thursday Thoughts...

Image Source
When the weather is rubbish, there isn't much else to do! Sometimes it's okay to spend the day snuggled on the sofa, with a blanket, a book & a cup of tea!


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Throwback // As Level Textiles

I have always been a "keen bean" when it came to Textiles. I absolutely loved it as School & graded highly in it. After my second year of college - when I figured out that English Literature just wasn't for me (yawn) - I decided to pick up As Level Textiles. Looking back, I could of done so much better, but I was at that careless age where I didn't give a damn & had no idea where my life was heading. So for a giggle, I thought I would share with you some of my amazing As Level Textiles Exam Work!

So my exam theme was Sanctuary: Beach. And apparently, this was my inspiration...

I am assuming this was about the time that Girls Aloud were cool & "I Can't Speak French" was released. I was obviously very keen on the slutty, shipwrecked look! I have some images taken from my sketchbook showing my thought processes & how I got to my final piece - which I must add, looks nothing like the above!

I made prints from real fish (eww) & shells I some how aquired - probably from a tacky seaside shop - which are included in my sketchbook. Thankfully, I only opted for shell prints on my final piece, so it doesn't smell fishy! I also ended up making it faaaar too small, which was fine by me as it meant I didn't have to model it in the College Fashion Show. The girl who modelled it for me was lovely & slim & had legs to die for, so it was probably for the best! As you can see, it doesn't look anything like my original inspiration, but it is still quite beachy/slutty so I think it turned out okay(ish). At the time I remember I was really pleased, until I got my exam results back then I realised that it actually was a bit crap (I got a C which is okay, but not the same as my A I got at GCSE)!

Although this has been a rather different post, I hope you enjoyed stepping back in time with me & looking at my appaulling work. If you did, then you must thank my wonderful Mother, who decided she no longer wanted my portfolio at her house (so rude) so hand delivered it to my house...! Cheers Suzy, you inspired me to share my work with the blogging community.

Next time: A peep at my BTEC Photography Work - if you fancy it?


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thursday Thoughts #36

Happy Thursday!

Image Source

Life is not always a competition to be better than others. Just be the best possible version of yourself & do the best that you can. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thursday Thoughts #35

Happy Thursday!

This week has been my first week off & I have had so much time to do lots of crafty projects, so I think this weeks thoughts are really relevant...

Photo Source 
Every morning I wake up thinking "What shall I do today.." & I always have something crafty in mind. Always! I have another 2 weeks of this....Horrraaaay!


101 Things in 1001 Days #95

Grow Sunflowers

 I love Sunflowers. They always remind me of summer & are so pretty. I have wanted to grow my own for so long, but just never really got around to buying any seeds. Last year, I was given some memory seeds, in memory of a relative who passed away, so I definitely wanted to plant these ones. They seemed more special than any other seed! Instead of popping one in a pot, I went a little crazy & scattered a few in one plant pot. Ooops. I am now overrun with Sunflowers! I honestly didn't expect them all to grow, as my experience with growing my own vegetables led me to believe that not everything grows (I'll be uploading a post about growing veggies in the future, so keep your eyes peeled). 

Only one pot of my many Sunflowers...!

Just looking at them out the window makes me smile. Even when it's raining they brighten up the garden. I have some seeds left, so definitely want to have another go at it next year. Perhaps next time I'll grow less though & focus on getting them to climb higher. Have you grown your own Sunflowers before? Do you have any tips?


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

100 Happy Days // Update #4

It's Day 85 of my 100 Happy Days - Wow. And it is amazing how much can change in the space of 100 Days! Since my last update we have celebrated our 2 year anniversary, I experimented in the kitchen LOTS, we brought a new bed & went to the best cocktail bar with friends. It's been busy to say the least...

With only 15 days left, I feel slightly sad that it is nearly over. It's lovely photographing the things that make you happy everyday. What will my final 15 days bring me...?


Catch up on my other updates below:

Sunday, 9 August 2015

How To // Fabric Pinboard

This is a How To post I have been meaning to do for a while so I am really excited to finally share it with you - it is probably my favourite one by far. I really needed a Pinboard for my craft room, but wanted something a little more exciting (pretty) than a standard one, so I rummaged through my fabric stash & sewing box to see what I could use. Here is a list of what I used to make my Fabric Pinboard:
  • Pinboard (any size you like)
  • Fabric of your choice (enough to cover your pinboard)
  • Purple Ribbon
  • Staple Gun
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Decorative Pegs

  1.  Lay the Pinboard on top of the fabric & measure 3 inches around the edge. Cut out the fabric using nice, sharp fabric scissors.
  2. Lay the Pinboard face down on the wrong side of the fabric & starting with one side, pull the fabric nice & tight before using the staple gun to secure. Start in the middle & work your way out. Once you have completed the first side, move on to the opposite side next followed by the other two sides.
  3. I had some spare fabric so I used it to make a little pouch at the bottom by folding the fabric (to create a nice clean edge) & pulling tight & stapling to the back of the pinboard.
  4. I stapled some purple ribbon so it ran along the top of the pinboard too, so I could use the decorative pegs.

Humphrey Getting Involved!

 And that's it. This is such a simple How To but looks so great. And you can use any fabric you like & any sized Pinboard! I picked up some Giant Push Pins from Tesco which are a lush addition too (although they leave quite a big hole in the fabric so I would recommend always using the same hole for the pin!!!).

What do you think? If you have a go at this one, please share your photos on my Facebook page or you can Tweet me. I love seeing peoples makes!


Thursday, 6 August 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #72

Make a New Friend

Last year I discovered #CraftBlogClub on Twitter. Every Tuesday they have various discussions on Twitter encouraging other Crafters to share their makes, crafting experiences & advice. Throughout the year there are also different opportunities to take part in challenges, which are more often than not gift swaps which are lovely as it is always nice to recieve a handmade gift. I was so pleased when I discovered it as it was a great place to talk to like-minded others & get inspiration from others too! I have asked many of them for advice, particularly with my new Etsy shop I have set up recently, & they were all more than happy to help! Although I haven't met any of these fellow Crafters/Bloggers in real life, I think I would consider them to be my new Friends of the Twitter/Blogging World, so I am hoping this counts as one of my 101 Things! 

craftblogclub badge
Photo Source

You should definitely take a look at some of their blogs too - they all blog about a mixture of lifestyle & crafts with perhaps a drop of beauty & fashion too!

Laydey Katabella
Fizzi Jayne Makes
Katie Gets Crafty
Live Peachy
Kay O
Chloe Jackson
Oodles of Craft
Jenny DIY
Gift Frippery

This is only a handful of the lovely people that join in with #CraftBlogClub but if you want to get involved then definitely drop by on a Tuesday evening - everyone is so friendly!