101 Things...

I have seen this on a few other blogs & I love the idea - so I thought I'd do my own. The idea is to make a (realistic) list of tasks to complete in 1001 days (2.75 years). Hopefully this will motivate me to do more exciting things!

Start Date: 8th November, 2013 // End Date: 5th August, 2016
  1. Graduate - Completed November 17th, 2014 (See Post)
  2. Join a fitness class & stick to it - March 5th, 2015 (See Post)
  3. Complete a Half Marathon
  4. Go to Scotland
  5. Make a blog  - Completed on 7th November, 2013
  6. Get 200 followers on my blog
  7. Go to the beach at night
  8. Actually use my DSLR Camera
  9. Complete the Tough Mudder
  10. Move out - Completed in August 2013
  11. Buy a car - Completed 20th February, 2014 (See Post)
  12. Work in a job I love - Completed (See Post)
  13. Buy an Mulberry handbag 
  14. Do a Colour Run - Completed August 2014 (See Post)
  15. Go to a Polercise Class
  16. Read the Harry Potter series
  17. Attend a Music Festival that is NOT Glastonbury
  18. Throw a surprise party for someone
  19. Go to a knitting class
  20. Send flowers to someone
  21. Go Camping
  22. Learn something new
  23. Learn the offside rule in Football - Completed  Hannah taught me!!
  24. Bet on a Horse - Completed (See Post)
  25. Grow my own vegetables
  26. Win something - a competition, the lottery, an award etc - Completed (See Post)
  27. Fundraise for a charity - Completed (See Post)
  28. Swim in the sea
  29. Volunteer - Completed (See Post
  30. Fill up a photoframe with people I care about - Completed (See Post)
  31. Make a patchwork quilt
  32. Learn to Crochet
  33. Go out in fancy dress - Completed (See Post)
  34. Read Pride & Prejudice
  35. Catch a fish
  36. Talk to an old friend
  37. Go on a Girls Holiday
  38. Get 400 followers on Twitter - Completed (See Post)
  39. Inspire someone
  40. Surprise someone/be surprised by someone - Completed (See Post)
  41. Go to Madame Tussauds
  42. Go Ice Skating - Completed (See Post
  43. Complete Greys Anatomy- Completed (See Post)
  44. Upholster an item - Completed (See Post)
  45. Make an item of clothing for someone else
  46. Go to a wedding - completed (see post 
  47. Sell something I have made myself - Completed (See Post)
  48. Make an item for my home
  49. Give (more) Blood - completed (see post
  50. Go to Paris - Completed (See Post)
  51. Buy something from Selfridges
  52. Buy a baby shower gift
  53. Watch live stand up comedy
  54. DIY a piece of clothing
  55. Decorate my own house
  56. Go on a picnic
  57. Make myself a Dress & wear it in public
  58. Get a massage
  59. Go without chocolate for 2 weeks - Completed (See Post)
  60. Receive a bouquet of flowers
  61. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years time
  62. Go to the Cinema - Completed (See Post)
  63. Fly a Kite
  64. Decorate my own place for Christmas - Completed (See Post)
  65. Buy a pet
  66. Watch the complete Harry Potter Series (without falling asleep!)
  67. Be a member of the audience for a TV show
  68. Buy a really meaningful gift for my parents
  69. Make dinner for my parents
  70. Go to a Champagne bar
  71. Go to a Music Concert - Completed (See Post)
  72. Make a new friend - Completed (See Post)
  73. Go on the London Eye
  74. Buy a pair of ray bans - Completed (See Post)
  75. Teach my Niece something useful
  76. Send a postcard to someone - Completed (See Post)
  77. Go up the Eiffel Tower - Completed (See Post)
  78. Do something that really scares me
  79. Take one of my friends for dinner & pay
  80. Create or go on a scavanger/treasure hunt
  81. Pull a pint
  82. Watch a meteor shower
  83. Watch the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace
  84. Make a scrapbook - Completed (See Post)
  85. Buy an item of clothing from a Charity Shop
  86. Go for Afternoon Tea - (See Post)
  87. Stay in my Pyjamas all day
  88. Make a piece of Jewellery - completed (see post) 
  89. Enter a competition - Completed (See Post)
  90. Host a dinner party
  91. Make a snow angel
  92. Upload a video on YouTube - Completed (See Post
  93. Go to a Flea Market - Completed (See Post)
  94. Watch the complete Die Hard collection
  95. Grow Sunflowers - Completed (See Post)
  96. Host a girls night in with my friends
  97. Learn to bake Lemon & Poppyseed Muffins- Completed (See Post)
  98. Go to a food festival
  99. Sing Karaoke
  100. Use a photobooth
  101. Inspire someone to make their own 101 things in 1001 days list! - (See Emilys Post)


  1. Love this idea!!!

    1. Thank you - I'm excited to start crossing things off!

  2. I love you 101st post - didn't realise I helped!! By the way I have learn to crochet on my list too, we can learn together :-) I'm going to make a rag rug and have bought a set of 12 crochet needles xX

    1. Haha, that's okay! Yes, I feel like Crochet is the new Knitting these days! I want to learn to make the cute little animals!! Xx