Wednesday, 30 December 2015

#CraftBlogClub // Secret Santa


It's Craft Blog Club Secret Santa time! This is the second year I have taken part & I love it - you can see last year's post here! It's a great way to find new bloggers as well as being creative! I was given Dominique, a fellow member of Craft Blog Club who I had never come across before (see, it really is a great way to find new people) so I immediately browsed her Etsy Shop, to be sure I didn't sent something she already makes herself. I am loving decoupage at the moment, so settled on creating a lovely, colourful decoupage photo frame. I also made a decoupage Christmas decoration, as it is Christmas & all...! 

On Christmas Eve Eve, I had a card from the postman to say my package was at the sorting office. I totally forgot about Secret Santa so was super excited when I realised what it was! So excited that I opened my gift on Christmas Eve! My gift was from Shelley Makes & it was so lovely. She noticed that I liked Sewing Bee & Bake Off so combined the two & made me a cute little sewing wallet & a Pin Cushion Ring! I love them both & can't wait to use them....especially the Pin Cushion Ring!  

Thank you to the lovely ladies who run #CraftBlogClub & organised the various challenges. I can't wait for the next one! Did you take part in Craft Blog Clubs Secret Santa this year? Post you links below if you did, I would love to see what you made/recieved! 


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #42

Go Ice Skating 

As a Pre-Christmas treat, I booked for myself & Nick to go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London. Nick hasn't been before & he loves Christmas so it was the perfect surprise for him! I had been previously but never really had the opportunity to really soak up the atmosphere & explore it all properly. 

I booked for us both to go to Zippos Circus & Ice Skating - another tick off my 101 Things (although I have been Ice Skating twice since starting this list....)! 


Have you ever been Ice Skating before?


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Feeling Festive // Christmas Centre Piece

9 sleeps to go! 

Every year my Mum makes her own centre piece to go on the table on Christmas Day. It always looks so lovely so I thought this year I would give it a go too! I picked up the cutest little robin from a local garden centre along with some oasis. I then ventured off to my grandparents house to attack their holly tree. 

Unfortunately, this year there wasn't many berries on them & any that did have a few on fell off! Once I had gathered my holly clippings & soaked the oasis in water, I was ready to begin. I chose to arrange mine in a cute polka dot tin jug (borrowed from my Gran!) but you could use anything you prefer. I cut down the stems to the right length & pulled off any unwanted holly before pushing them into the oasis & arranging in the jug. 

Please Note: Holly leaves are prickly & can really bloody hurt! 

I was really pleased with how it turned out, although it took me a little while to get it looking the way I wanted. The robin is perfect & adds a lovely bit of colour too! It's definitely something to take your time on!

What do you think? Will you be making your own festive centre piece this year? 


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Feeling Festive // Homemade Advent Calendar

Happy Wednesday! 

Every Christmas I always decide I want to make my own advent calendar but I'm usually too late or never get around to doing it. So this year I made sure I was prepared - well kind of! I purchased the wooden tree from Hobbycraft back in November, which was £15. Not bad considering you can use it as many times as you like. I knew I wanted to paint the tree & decoupage the drawers but wasn't sure what colours to go with. I opted for a blue, white & red Christmassy Deco Maché paper, which I cannot for the life of me find the paper I used on the Hobbycraft website! I went for stripes with the paper as I tried randomly sticking the paper on & it didn't really work.

I settled on using Farrow & Ball Green Blue paint (No. 84) - mainly because I already had a small pot of it at home & was dying to use it for something! When I had finished painting it I was surprised with how lovely the colour was - it actually matched the decoupage paper really well too! I finished it with a little wooden heart shaped card topper that says "Merry Christmas". Very cute. I am really pleased with the way it looks - it sits on the sideboard in our lounge so everyone who visits can see it! I have had lots of lovely comments from friends/family. The only thing missing are the numbers. Hobbycraft had sold out & I couldn't find anything I really liked elsewhere. We have decided to open them top to bottom instead of using numbers - maybe I'll add them on in time for next Christmas...!

Have you made your own advent calendar this year?


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #12

Work in a Job I love!

Well hello there! It's been a long time I know (sorry)! There are a number of reasons for my absence, with the main one being a new job I started back in September! Starting a new job is scary, but I was super nervous as since finishing university last summer, I just hadn't really settled anywhere & found a job role that I really felt happy in. Within the first week I knew this job was just perfect for me. Phew! 

For those of you wondering, I work for my local Mind Charity as a Community Fundraiser. Mental Health is a topic I find so fascinating & have a great passion for so when I was offered the job, I kinda knew I would love it! And the job role is perfect for me as I am actually able to put my degree to good use! 

I have always been a person who loves being challenged & learning new things, which this job role certainly offers me! I get bored easily so working on lots of different projects at once keeps me motivated and I really love being able to use my creativity to come up with my own ideas too. I think its safe to say that this is a big fat tick on my 101 Things & I am so pleased, as I was starting to wonder if this one was a little unrealistic!

Now that I am settled in my new job, I am going to start blogging regularly again as I have really missed it. If you enjoy reading my posts, please do comment!