Saturday, 28 March 2015

How to Make // Pom Pom

For some people this may be the simplest thing EVER! But I overheard a girl in Hobbycraft the other day asking her Mum how to make a Pom Pom! WHAT? I think my whole childhood was spent making Pom Poms, so for those of you who don't know and want something fun & easy to do with the little ones, then here is how...

1. Cut two rings out of card, making sure they are the same size. You can do these any size you like - obviously the bigger the ring, the bigger your Pom Pom. 
2. Tie the end of your chosen wool to the rings (tying them together) and begin wrapping your wool through the middle hole and around the ring. 
3. Once you have finished wrapping your wool around the rings, cut down the middle of your wool. It's easiest to make a little opening at the top and pull apart the two rings so you can use them as a cutting guide. 
4. Cut yourself a length of wool and tied it tightly down the middle of the two cardboard rings. 
5. Finally, cut the cardboard rings and pull then away from the wool - here is your Pom Pom! You can neaten it up by cutting any extra long pieces off. 

What do you think? It is such an easy activity for all ages (and cheap as well!). If you want to get super good, you can make Pom Pom Animals - I haven't quite mastered this yet - but you can search Pinterest for ideas!


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Bedroom Accessories // Wish List

I am currently looking at ways to make our bedroom seem more cosy. Although I love the bedside cabinets I made last year & our feature wall looks lovely, I feel like it still isn't quite there. So I have put together a little Wish List of ideas - things I could perhaps buy or things I could use as inspiration to make my own version.

Like many other girls I'm sure, I am a massive candle lover. This little Glass Heart Latern from Wilko would look great on our bedside cabinets and at £3 each, I would definitely get more than one! They would be perfect to put some lovely scented candles in & would definitely help to create a more cosy / chilled out atmosphere.

Photo Source

I have always thought having a bed full of cushions makes it seem so much more cosy & welcoming. I have been dying to get my hands on some Scrabble cushions - an "N" & a "Z" (for Nick & Zoe, obvs). In the back of my mind I always think I should just make these myself, but I just don't think I would be able to do such a great job of it & would probably end up costing me just the same in materials as well as taking up my time. These ones are from Not on the High Street & retail at £20 per cushion.

Photo Source

Back to Wilko again - I am really impressed with their home range! I absolutely love having fresh flowers in my house, but sometimes you have to prioritise your pennies and food / bills comes before fresh flowers unfortunately (it's a mad world we live in) so I have been on the look out for some nice fake alternatives. Whilst I want something that looks really realistic I still didn't want to spend a fortune. I think this Wilko Daisy Seagrass Pot certainly fits the bill - so cute & only £4.

Photo Source

For a long time now, I have been thinking about making a Patchwork Quilt. They always look so impressive but can be quite costly. I love this Red Patchwork Throw from Next & would love to make something similar. Although it requires a lot of time & patience, I think it would be so worth it. However, if you don't have the time, then this one is £70 or £90, depending on the size you want.

Photo Source

So there is my Bedroom Accessories Wish List - I'm sure this will continue to grow. As I sit here writing this I am actually contemplating a little Home Haul as pay day is only a few days away....


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Thursday Thoughts #15

Happy Thursday!

Something I think I am good at is always being myself; no matter who I am around. I think it is important to remember to never pretend to be someone you aren't just to impress others. Unless you're at an interview, of course. You don't have to tell your potential employer everything! But do make sure you always look out for yourself & do what makes you happy.

Enjoy the rest of your week - it's almost the weekend!


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Easter Project // Bunny Gift Bags

I have recently been working on a little Easter Project for mine & Nicks nieces - little Easter Bunny Gift Bags which we will fill up with plenty of Easter / Chocolate treats as a gift. I saw the idea on Pinterest (where else) & completely fell in love - they would work great for Easter Egg Hunts too!

I used a plain, cream cotton fabric for the bag & the ears. I had some really pretty floral material that I decided to use for the inside of the ears - one in Orange / Red / Yellow, the other in different shades of Purple. So cute! I had to buy some pink & purple ribbon from Hobbycraft & they match really well. I then hand sewn the eyes, nose & mouth which took a fair bit of planning (I was nervous I would mess it up after I had just finished making the bag)! I think they have turned out great, I am really pleased with them. Hopefully the girls will love them too! I will post a photo on my Facebook page when they are all filled up with Chocolate & ready to be delivered!

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Friday, 20 March 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

Random post today, but Lucy from Sons Brighten Up My Day (Thank you Lucy) has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! So the deal is:

Thank the person who nominated you & link back to them in your post
Share seven facts about yourself
Nominate 10 other bloggers for the award 

So here we go...
  1. I am a lefty - Nick thinks this is hilarious & always mocks me for it.
  2. I hate people touching me feet. It seriously isn't allowed!
  3. I'm scared of the Sea.
  4. I am a Purple Belt in Kickboxing
  5. I have completed a Half Marathon in 2 hours 20. No idea how I managed that but I'm real proud of myself for it!
  6. I have met Philip Schofield - I love him
  7. I have always wanted to be a Paramedic - but opted for an Event Management Degree instead
 I nominate:

And anyone else who wants to take part :)


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Thursday Thoughts #14


I am loving Taylor Swifts album at the moment & can proudly say I can absolutely nailed "Shake It Off" on my way back from work one evening! And then Sew Magazine posted this on Facebook...

I love it!


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Baking // Mothers Day Chocolate Cake

Happy Mothers Day to all of the fabulous Mummas in the world! Every year my Mum says "I don't want anything, don't spend too much..". Typical Mum! So this year I decided to bake for her instead! I had seen an idea on Pinterest ages ago & loved it. I have been trying to think of an opportunity to make it & thought it looked perfect for Mother's Day! The sponge is just a standard chocolate sponge with chocolate butter icing. The decorating part used up quite abit of chocolate. I used: 

9 kit kats (broken in half)
Half a bag of giant buttons
Half a bag of white chocolate buttons
A few Mintrels (if you like)

And this was the finished product...! I am so pleased with it & so was my Mum. Makes a nice change as usually me & my Sisters all opt for Flowers / Vouchers / Chocolates so my Mum ends up with the same thing every year, 3 times!! Did you do any baking for your Mum?


Friday, 13 March 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee // The Final

Why is it the final already...Lets all just sit & cry for a moment!  

Challenge 1 - 90 minutes to make a Japanese top....I wouldn't have a clue! I'm sure this year has been harder than most, giving the sewers a vague pattern without a finished image to look at. I thought it was so lovely that they all helped one another - just shows the true friendships they have all made. As always, Neil did a fabulous job! The alteration challenge is always my favourite - but what was Neil thinking? I think he's gone mad! I really didn't like his "skanklet" but I suppose it was very different from its original form. It was just such a big risk for the final. Lornas was my favourite, I think she had a plan in mind & stuck to it. There wasn't too much going on but it all worked really well. Matts was also lovely, I could see myself wearing it actually! I think it was the least adventurous, but some really lovely subtle changes made it look absolutely beautiful.

Photo Source

The final challenge - an avant garde dress! As you can imagine, this have given me a million & one ideas for future projects...not that I would have the opportunity to wear such an amazing dress. I wasn't overly keen on Matt or Neil's dress & I think Lornas dress was a little messy, but I really liked the Pinky/Purple & Green! I think it was such a close final & a difficult one to choose! Neil has always been my favourite (just in case I hadn't mentioned that before) but I think he just got totally lost in the final. Such a shame as he is amazing. But I think Matt was a very deserving winner too - & I am so chuffed that a man has finally won the Sewing Bee trophy! And now to sit & patiently wait for series 4 to begin....


Thursday, 12 March 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #84

Make a Scrapbook

This is something that will be completely on-going, but one that I wanted to share with you all. I am quite a sentimental person & keep absolutely everything that holds some kind of memory to me. As you can imagine, I have accumilated alot of stuff over the past year & a half of being with Nick, so I decided to make a Scrapbook. I think it is a shame to keep things in a box hidden away where it will never be seen or shared with others. It took me for ages to get started with this properly as I really wanted it to look perfect, as it is something I will keep & look back on in years to come. I have included a few pages below for you to take a look at...

I'm sure this isn't the most exciting post for you all, but perhaps it may inspire you to make your own Scrapbook of memories. I think they are a great idea & you don't even need to spend a ridiculous amount of money making it look nice. Just grab some wrapping paper / magazine cut outs / an old newspapers to create different layers / textures, making each page look more exciting. Do you do Scrapbooking? Let me know in the comments box below if you have any tips?


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Thursday Thoughts #13

Happy Thursday!

Something for you all to remember when you get a little frustrated with yourself for not being amazing all the time!


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Childs Animal Apron

When I was younger, my Gran had a Noahs Ark apron we would always wear during any kind of messy activity! My neice has now adopted this however it was beginning to look a little worse for wear, so my gran got new material & binding & asked me to replicate it. It was really simple to do, as the original shape of it is so basic. I literally pinned the old one to the new fabric and cut around it. Bias Binding is something that isn't so fun, especially around the neckline, but after a couple of unpicking sessions I got there and I am really pleased with it.

Although it is a very basic project, I decided to really take my time so that I could get it perfect. I even have enough material to make a second one - now that I have a new little Nephew this will be perfect (one each / no arguments)! I am so pleased with it, especially my top stitching as I think it looks fairly neat...considering I had to unpick it a few times before I got it right. What do you think? 


Friday, 6 March 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee // Semi Finals

Argh! Why is it already the Semi Finals? Anyone else share this upset with me? Anyway, last night was another busy one for me as I had agreed to go running with a friend so had to catch up on Sewing Bee a little later. If I were in the Sewing Bee contest, this weeks tasks would of made me poop my pants - leather, lace, satin...wetsuits? This was an excellent Semi Final & I think everyone really tried their best. The lace skirts were great & I am so pleased for Matt for winning a challange! My favourite task yet....the wetsuit alteration challange. How on earth do you make a dress out of a wetsuit? I think the sewers had some great ideas, but they just didn't seem to go to plan.. I loved Deborahs dress, it was amazing - I really thought she did so well to stay calm & make something that actually looked good & made sense. Unlike Pauls sleeves - what was that? The Leather Jackets were also fabulous. I loved Lornas green material, such a bold choice & although the sewing wasn't perfect, I thought it was great. Obviously Neil managed to redeem himself with his Leather Jacket & won garment of the week. Phhewww! I was worried he was going to be a goner!

Photo Source

This week 2 people were eliminated from the competition. Again, another tough one to call. I think Paul was the right choice as this week wasn't great for him. However, I do really like him so am sad to see him go. I can't decide if Deborah should of gone or not. I dont think she was particularly awful but then the competition is so difficult as everyone is so talented. I can't wait for next weeks final but I am so sad that it will all be over - my money is still on Neil.Who is your winner?


Thursday, 5 March 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #2

Join a Fitness Class & stick to it

At school, I was one of the sporty girls. I would give anything a go and I usually spent my lunch breaks taking part in Netball / Rounders / Dance and then did it all again in after school clubs. I had 3 PE GCSE Classes a week, along with 2 core PE Classes a week. I was super sporty! Like many, I failed to keep this up when I went to College & chose to focus my time on Photography & Textiles rather than joining the Netball Academy. I got a little better at Uni when I started doing a Netball Session twice a week, but when I left University last year, I stopped again! I have tried a million & one different classes to try and keep myself fit & stay in shape but nothing has been fun enough. Until I discovered a Ladies Only Kickboxing Class in my area...!

Enjoying a King Prawn Korma after receiving my Purple Belt!

I go once a week, every Friday & I absolutely love it. There is plenty of focus on general fitness which is great & the Kickboxing side of it is hard workout too! We usually spend the last part of the session learning self defence too which I think is a great idea. I have managed to stick to this for 8 weeks which is really good for me & have even decided to take part in the grading - I'm a Purple Belt now (Oooh, get me)! As well as keeping fit, I have met a lovely bunch of ladies. Sometimes it is daunting joining a class on your own, but I can honestly say it's the best thing - you will be surprised how many others go on their own too! And I don't feel bad if I have a sneaky takeaway afterwards either. Are you thinking of joining any fitness classes?


Thursday Thoughts #12 // Happy 100th

Wow, this is my 100th post! 

Since starting my little blog way back in November 2013, I have changed direction a few times. I love the way my blog is now & am so proud that I have managed to build my page on my own (with the help of Google & YouTube of course). I love being able to write about something I have a passion for & share it with like-minded others. As well as taking on projects that I probably wouldn't have done if I didn't have my blog, I have also met some lovely people via Craft Blog Club - I had no idea there were so many other Crafters in the world. Starting a Blog was the best idea I have ever had.
I know I have used this image before in a previous Thursday Thoughts, but it is really relevant to me at the moment. This year I want to take on new things & spend more time doing what I love. I have lots of ideas up my sleeve & hope that these ideas will become some kinda of reality soon(ish). Thank you to all my lovely, loyal readers / followers as you are the ones who have given me the confidence to push myself & do more of what I love. So watch this space...


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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Baking // Rolo Cupcakes

My first baking post for 2015! Wow, it's been a while. This weekend I had a lot of time to myself - very rare - so I decided to do some baking. I have been dying to use my Tala Piping Set which I got for Christmas so chose something with plenty of butter icing!  I took to Pinterest to research some ideas as I wanted to make something new that I haven't done before. I stumble across Rolo Cupcakes & they looked so delicious I just had to give them a go. I didn't follow any particular recipe, I just kind of improvised & made up my own. Here are my list of ingredients (makes 12 cupcakes):

Self Raising Flour - 100g
Butter - 185g (125g for the Sponge, 60g for the Icing)
Caster Sugar - 125g
Eggs - 2
Cocoa Powder - 25g
Chocolate Chips
Icing Sugar - 60g
Rolos - 2 packets

I mixed everything together as if you were making standard chocolate cupcakes & added in a bag of chocolate chips at the end. I cooked them in the oven on 180 degrees (fan oven) for 20-25 minutes. Once they were completely cool, I cut out a small part of the Middle of the cake & added in a tsp of Caramel. I popped the sponge back on top - this doesn't have to be neat as the butter icing covers it. For the butter icing, I used 60g of Butter, 60g of Icing Sugar & 2tbsp of Cocoa Powder. I used my Tala Piping bag to pipe the icing on top (using head #30) & then added a Rolo to finish it off. 

I am so pleased with the way they have turned out & they look & taste so yummy - what do you think? Have you baked anything new recently?


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