Monday, 31 March 2014

Time for a Change // Welcome to My New(ish) Blog

So first of all, you may or may not have noticed I have been absent from the world of Blogging for a little while. I'm very sorry to all of my lovely, loyal followers for not giving you anything to read. I decided to have a little break from Blogging so I could focus more of my time and effort on finishing University - I feel this is a sensible excuse! But I can now happily say I am back, and I won't disappear again...I promise.

Knitting :)
Image taken from Pinterest

Secondly, you have probably noticed my blog is looking a little different now too. Considering there are lots of exciting changes happening in my life at the moment, I thought this would be the perfect time to change my little blog too! Although I do still adore all things beauty related - I'll always be a sucker for skin care products everytime I go into Boots - now that I have more time on my hands (No more Uni....Yippeee) I would much prefer to blog about all the things I enjoy doing. So moving forwards I intend to focus my blog on Crafts - especially Sewing. I must just point out here, I am in no way a professional in this area, so please don't expect too much! Sewing is just something I have always enjoyed doing. I still have a little way to go, so you'll have to bare with me, but I really hope you support my idea to change direction and enjoy following all of my crafty projects. Perhaps it'll inspire you to get creative too!


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Midweek Motivation

Here I am with another Pinterest Gem! I love this photograph anyway, I think it's so cute. The quote really helps to motivate me too. With so many "Braggy McBraggersons" in this world, sometimes it's hard to understand if you've got what it takes to succeed. I think another quote I once saw was something like "Successful people have two things on their lips. Silence and a Smile". Just because you aren't shouting out to the world how great you're doing (although you may want to) doesn't mean you aren't successful.

Sometimes it's difficult to be confident with your own abilities. For me personally, I am finally starting to believe that I am doing okay actually - I've made it through 18 years of education so I can't be doing a bad job! As long as you know you've tried your hardest, you have no reason to be disappointed. So if you've hit a midweek block, I hope this little post has helped to pick you up and keep you going. We can all achieve our dreams so long as we believe in ourselves and learn to use the power we have to get to where we want to be...


Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Favourites #18


First up on my Friday favourites for this week is Botanics Skin Calming Night Cream from Boots. I have used this before a while a go and I loved it. But when I ran out for some reason I didn't replace it. I have no idea why as it works wonders for my skin. Sometimes my face can go a little angry and red, but this contains "calming marshmallow" (yummy) and it completely evens out my skin tone and I have no longer have red patches. I haven't wore foundation for the past two days because I feel confident enough without it - Horraaay! 

Next up is a new product for me. I needed to replace my Simple face wash and for some reason I decided to try something different to the usual one I use. I opted for the Simple Foaming Cleanser and I question why I haven't used this before! It's so light on my sensitive skin and leaves it feeling so squeeky clean! I will definitely be sticking to this one from now on.

Now as I'm sure you're all aware, I saw Ellie Goulding last Sunday. Chloe Howl was her support act and my goodness she was amazing. She was a true performer and was genuinely passionate about what she was doing. I've listened to a couple of her songs on YouTube and would definitely say she's worth checking out! Her track Rumour has been released so if you like what you hear, download this one!

 Let me know in the comments box below if you were at the Ellie Goulding Concert - I would love to hear what you thought of it and Chloe Howl :)


Thursday, 13 March 2014

I Heart Paris: Book Review

Inbetween completing University assignments, I try to make time for myself - so I read! This will definitely become a more regular thing when I finish University. I have just completed Lindsey Kelks I Heart Paris! I read the first book in the "I Heart..." series (I Heart New York) which I absolutely loved. I am so disappointed with myself as I seem to have missed out the second book and gone straight to the third - if anyone has read the second book (I Heart Hollywood) will it be rubbish if I back track and read the second one next? 

Anyway, I could not put I Heart Paris down! Following the mad adventures of Angela Clark makes me feel so much more calm about my own stresses in life! I don't want to give too much away to those who haven't read it but who knew a planned business / leisure trip to Paris could go so awfully wrong and take so many dramatic turns for the worst!? And I really felt as though I was on this rollercoaster ride with her. One minute I was laughing out loud, the next I felt angry and then I was almost squealing with excitement and happiness. As always, of course there was a happy ending, but I am excited to get started on the next book in the series to see what else could possibly happen to Angela Clark! If you haven't tried any of the "I Heart" series yet, I would seriously recommend that you get started on them soon! They are perfect for an entertaining bedtime read - although if you become addicted (like me) you may end up reading until 2am (like me). I'm dying to read "I Heart Christmas" but am not sure if its okay to read a Christmas book during the Spring - perhaps I'll have to hold out for the arrival of the Festive Season!

What are your favourite Authors? Can you recommend any good books you have read recently?


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days #71

For my Birthday (in October) Nick surprised me with Ellie Goulding tickets!! I absolutely love her music and think she is a goddess, so I was insanely excited when Nick told me. Although it seemed like it would take forever for the day to arrive, it actually came around so quickly - it felt like I had an extra Birthday! I've been to my fair share of Music Concerts but I think this was up there with one of my all time best experiences!

I didn't get many videos or photos, I was too busy enjoying the actual experience - I never understand why people go to a Music Concert and spend the whole time watching it through their phones. But to see a few, check out my Instagram. Chloe Howl was the support artist, who I thought was absolutely great. She clearly loved what she was doing and was the perfect warm up before Ellie Goulding came out.

When Ellie Goulding came out she was absolutely amazing, beginning her performance with Figure 8 (one of my favourites). It was all so upbeat as she was dancing around on stage. She did slow it down at one point to perform Your Song & How Long Will I Love You. She also performed some older tracks - Starry Eyed, Guns & Horses, Lights & The Writer - which everyone went crazy for! She just came across as such a lovely person, and at one point said "..this is so amazing, I could cry. So I better sing instead...". Her perfromance came to an end with a confetti shower during Burn, amazing!
Photo taken from Google - not mine (I wish I was that close!)
Can you tell that I love her? Overall, it was such an amazing experience and the best Birthday Present EVER. I just want to do it all over again! Have you been to any great Music Concerts recently?


Friday, 7 March 2014

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day my Beauties...

...and now go listen to Beyonce & celebrate - Who Run The World?


Friday Favourites #17 ("If I Won The Lottery" Edition...)

Different Friday Favourites today my little Beauties - Bet you have always wondered what I would buy if I won the lottery? Well no need to wonder any longer because I have put together a nice little blog post for you all - Enjoy!

After I have done the obvious stuff like clear my student debt (boring) I would have to chuck large amounts of Money towards my family! Paying off their Mortgages, buying them houses & cars and funding my younger sister through University too! In my head I have won huge amounts of money on the imaginary lottery so I can afford to do this. After I have taken care of them, I would have to get myself a lush brand new Car! Although I do love my new little KA, who wouldn't splash out on some new Wheels if you won the lottery! I would definitely opt for a Volkswagen Beetle. Not sure what it is about them, I have just always loved them and have wanted one for such a long time! In the mean time I'll just pine over photographs on the internet - I especially love this 2013 Beetle TDI. And it has to be White. Such a beauty!

Next I would get a Mulberry Bag - something else I have pined after for such a long time. I have always said when I graduate I will save up the money and I WILL get myself a Mulberry Bag. Although it's so difficult to decide as they are all so beautiful, I would pick the Bayswater Double Zip Tote. As it is £1,500 I'm not sure I can ever justify spending that much on a bag - but isn't it so lovely?

Leaving my new Car and Mulberry bag safely at home, I would then jet off around the world and go travelling for a year. Although I have been to a handful of places on various Holidays, there are so many places I would absolutely love to go! I'm one of those annoying people who is a proper tourist and would have to go to all the landmarks and take in all of the local culture (as well as lots of photos!). Check out my Pinterest Board "Dream Destinations" - I have pinned plenty of images here too!

Finally, I would give Nick the rest of the Money (again, in my head I have won A LOT) so he could build us a brand new home. I would let him design it all, as he is good at that kind of thing, but he would have to incorporate some kind of Spa Room so I can have my Girlie Friends over all the time for Spa Sessions! That would be so dreamy.

So there we go, that was my "If I Won the Lottery..." Friday Favourites! I hope you enjoyed all of my choices. What would you spend your monday on? It's nice to dream...

P.S. I feel as though I have neglected my blog recently (again) but fear not my little beauties - I have some exciting posts lined up for next week so don't forget to check in!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Give a Girl the Right Shoes and She Can Conquer the World - Marilyn Monroe

What girls don't love a beautiful pair of shoesies? I thought I would share with you all a selection of my current favourites - let me know what you think :)

Topshop - Swoon Heart Print Slipper Shoes
How adorable are these! Such a fun print that is perfect for the Spring! I absolutely love these and am dying to add them to my collection. This would add a lovely bit of colour to any outfit.

TopShop - £28

New Look - Monochome Woven Tab Slipper Shoes
Notice a theme developing with my choice of favourites? I just think Slipper Shoes are super comfy and easy to slip on quickly when you're on your way out of the door. I love these ones, they are slightly more formal than the TopShop Heart Printed ones so could be perfect for the office or to wear during an evening out - when you can't handle heels.

New Look - £19.99

Misselfridge - Blaise Slingback Boots
Perhaps these will be good for special occasions considering I am not great with heels. But these are so beaut, I think I am in love. And Misselfridge currently have 30% off all Shoes so these babies come in at £38.50. Quick, quick, quick!

Misselfridge - Original Price-  £55 / Sale Price - £38.50

Office - Bronson Cut Out Brown Leather Boots
I love these boots, they are so cute. Perfect for the Spring when its warming up a little, but still not quite warm enough for Pumps. These are currently on sale in Office hurry up before you miss out!

Office - Original Price£ - 75 / Sale Price - £52

Unfortunately none of these beauties will be making their way into my wardrobe any time soon...I'm waiting for Pay Day (end of this month *cries*). Let me know if there are any shoes you have your eye on.