Sunday, 18 January 2015

Thursday Thoughts #7

Anyone else feel the same about this weeks Thursday Thought?

I am definitely guilty of this! When I lived with my parents, I had all the time in the world to craft around, with no house responsibilities. But now I'm a grown up (kinda) living in my own home, house work should take priority...but crafting is more fun! 


Hessian Bunting

When I made my Love Heart Cushions I over estimated how much Hessian I needed, so I have had a massive load of it just sat in my craft room doing nothing. I felt like it was time to try & use it, so immediately searched Pinterest for ideas. I came across some lovely Hessian Bunting ideas that just looked so cute. Teamed with some purple floral material I had lying around, I thought this would be a perfect idea for a little weekend project...with Humphreys help of course!

Hessian is really messy to work with & you have to be really careful with it as it frays so easily. I use my fabric scissors to get a nice, straight, sharp cut. I decided to use my pinking shears for the floral material as these would keep it from fraying & looks a lot tidier (I think). I sewn the bunting triangles to some plain white ribbon that I got from my local garden centre. Considering I made this out of bits & pieces I had in my craft room, I think it has turned out quite well. I think the Hessian has a countryside cottage like feel - completely the opposite of what our house is like so I have hung it up in my craft room! (Not sure Nick would appreciate purple, floral bunting in the Kitchen)!

What do you think? I still have quite a lot of Hessian left over (still) so if you have any other project ideas, please let me know!


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday Thoughts #6

Happy is almost the weekend! Horaaay!

I love todays Thursday Thought! It just reminds me that inspiration can come from anything & grow anywhere, even in the tiniest places - i.e my small craft room! We don't need the biggest & the best of everything to be inspired & get creative.


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Something Old, Something New #2

I am really sorry that I haven't blogged in a little while! I kick started my New Year with a new job so I have spent a week or so settling in and getting back into a normal routine! But anyway, back to today's post...

I may sound a little boring, but I always find New Years Eve to be such an anticlimax. I love the idea of having a "fresh" start at the beginning of a New Year, but find the actual celebrating part to be overcrowded, overpriced and all in all quite stressful. Once upon a time I would spend loads on a brand new outfit but this year I wasn't too bothered about doing this, especially as our plans for NYE were quite casual - pre-drinks with friends then out to the pub. So I decided to raid my wardrobe to see what I could come up with myself..! The item of choice was an old dress that use to belong to my sister, but I regularly borrowed (stole) from her wardrobe. As illustrated in the very old photo below, it's far too short and I never wear it so (after getting my sisters permission of course) I decided to make it into a cute, skater style skirt! 

My sister & I - back in the day (2008)!!!

I use my dressmaker scissors to cut as close to the top of the patterned material as possible. I then folder this over twice and pinned in place to create the waist band. I very carefully sewn it in place, leaving a small opening so I could thread the elastic through. I secured the elastic in place with a few small stitches & then sewn up the opening.

What do you all think? It felt like I was wearing a brand new skirt, even though it's a dress I have had for years! I wore it with black tights, plain black top and my black leather jacket! Have you ever used an old item of clothing to make something new?


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Thursday Thoughts #5 // Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Bit of a typical New Year thought today!

Like most people, when it comes to the end of another year I ponder over what I have achieved throughout the year and think of what I would like to do with the following one! 2014 has been a good one, although there has been a few crappy moments thrown in for good measure. Bittersweet. But with a new job to look forward to, a long weekend in Paris booked & various Music Concerts planned, I am really excited to get stuck into 2015! I always attempt to make resolutions for the New Year, but these usually last a few days before I forget/give up. This year I just want to focus on having fun with those who make me happy, trying lots of new things and of course making time for many more exciting craft projects. All realistic goals for 2015 I think!

Do you have any resolutions for 2015?