Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Craft Blog Club // Craft Resolutions Reveal

Another Craft Blog Club Challenge! This time is was a "Crafty Resolutions" challenge. Whether it was something new you wanted to learn, or something you had been meaning to do for a while, it was time to finally give it a go! I opted for Cross Stitch. As well as being something I hadn't done before, it was also a gift my Mum got me for my birthday so I definitely needed a kick up the butt to get going with it!

I think for a first timer, I have opted for something quite challenging. But my Mum chose a design she knew I would like once it is completed. It is quite time consuming, although I do really enjoy it. I haven't finished it yet...in fact I'm quite a long way off completing it! But I am pleased that Craft Blog Club gave me the motivation I needed to get started on it. 

The reason I wanted to give Cross Stitch a go was of course due to Pinterest. I have seen loads of great Cross Stitch designs on clothes & it looks so cute - very boho! So of course I wanted to learn the skill so I could do some DIY of my own to liven up some of my plain tops/dresses/skirts! My absolute favourite is this dress I saw a while back on Pinterest - isn't it so beautiful?!

Have you taken part in the Crafty Resolutions Challenge too? If you have, please post your links below. I would love to see what you did too!


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