Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pinterest Inspiration

As many of you may well have gathered, I love Pinterest. I always use it to find inspiration for projects, so I thought I would share with you all some little Pinterest gems I have stumbled across recently. These are just a handful (believe me I could have chosen so many more) of images I found that have inspired me to want to make something similar!

The other day, I was sorting through my crafty bits & pieces and found a bag of felt. So of course I searched on Pinterest "Felt Crafts" to try and inspire me. This was one of the first things that came up and I love it! I rarely use felt, but I definitely want to give this a go as it is so cute!

I know this is perhaps a little keen as we are just coming into summer, but this cute reindeer also came up when I was searching "Felt Crafts". How lovely is he - I am so making one of these when we get into the Festive Season. His button nose is so adorable!

I have a real thing for Scrabble Art recently and thought these coasters were such a great idea. It's so simple but effective...and cheap! I'm sure these would be quite expensive if you were to buy them in a store somewhere. Only thing I would struggle with is finding drink related four letter words!


I really love the idea of making things that can be worn, as no one will ever have the exact same thing as you. I have quite long hair, so I am always keen to find new ways to make it look different and pretty - sometimes the same old ponytail gets a little boring. I would love to have a go at making my own bow clip! Just imagine the different beatiful materials you could use...

Sticking to the theme of making things that can be worn...I'm sure every crafter has a million and one random buttons in a tin. These button necklaces are so cute and are definitely something I haven't seen before. It's a great way to use up any old buttons you have lying around and at the same time creating the perfect accessory!


So that's just a small handful of Pinterest Inspiration (for today anyway) - check out my Pinterest if you want to see more on my "Homemade" board. Have you made any of the above before? Let me know in the comments box below :)



  1. The scrabble coasters are so cool!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. They are so simple but such a good idea! Definitely something I want to try out at some point! X