Saturday, 4 October 2014

UpCycling // Chest of Drawers

A little while ago I did a post about some bedside cabinets (click here to read it just incase you missed it). It was my first upcycling project and I absolutely loved it! So when Nick & I decided we needed to get some furniture for the spare bedroom, I was more than happy to take on another upcycling project. I went on our local buying/selling Facebook page to find out if any one was selling a chest of drawers. I managed to find one that was perfect and paid only £20 for it!

After lots of sanding and 2 days of painting, I have finally completed it and I am really pleased with how it has turned out. Originally I wanted to do it exactly the same as the bedside cabinets, but decided it would be good to give something else a go. I have also thought about getting some different handles although I like the natural wood against the paint (Farrow & Ball New White)  - what do you think?

  Everything I used for this project (Paint, Sandpaper, Paint Brushes etc) we already had - perks of having a builder boyfriend - so this only cost me £20. Upcycling old, unwanted furniture is so cheap and a great way to personalise your home, as well as getting exactly what you want! Have you done any upcycling recently?


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