Thursday, 13 November 2014

Upholstery // Part 3

For anyone who has been eagerly awaiting this post - I am so sorry it is later than I had planned. Real life has taken over recently and with a few sewing problems along the way, it really slowed up the process. But it is finally here, the finished chair!


 The arms were quite difficult as it was important to get them looking the same. The left arm looked perfect, but the right arm was a little more tricky - typical. I asked my Gran to do that bit as after much pulling and stretching I couldn't get it to look right. I think she did a great job and they match really well. Today was spent carefully sewing up the back with a curved needle. I was really pleased with how neat this looked. The final piece was plastic sheeting stapled to the bottom!

The only part that is missing is the cushion. I did spend a whole day working on this and accidentally snipped a little too far with the scissors and made a hole (yes yes, I wanted to cry). I am going to attempt it again next week, but it is so difficult. If anyone has made a box cushion before, please give me some tips in the comments box below as I am struggling with the corners! Once I have mastered it, I plan to do a blog post to show you all how it is done.

 So what do you think?


It took quite a little while to get this one done, about 5 / 6 days in total but I would definitely recommend taking on an upholstery project if you have the time (and the money - material can get expensive). I think my next upholstery project will perhaps be something a little smaller though!


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