Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday Favourites #3 (The Christmas Edition!)

Happy Friday!
This week I have been so busy with my Uni work that I have actually struggled to put together a list of Friday Favourites - what is my life coming to!? As I only have two weeks left until I finish for Christmas break, I have decided to stick to a christmassy theme.

So first up is the obvious - John Lewis Christmas Advert. Not only do I absolutely LOVE Lily Allens cover of Keanes "Somewhere Only We Know" but I love the story behind it. It's the cutest thing and gets me so excited for Christmas everytime it comes on TV.

Next up is another obvious Christmas favourite - ADVENT CALENDARS! It is almost time to start opening those doors to reveal the yummy chocolatey treats! Yes I am 23, but I think it is always acceptable to have an advent calendar! It's not fair for all the little ones to have all the fun. This cute Minnie Mouse one arrived in the post yesterday from my Boyfriend - such a lovely surprise!

And here is a photo of some Christmas Cats - because I love Cats!

What would be on your list of Christmas Friday Favourites?


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