Monday, 2 December 2013

My Beauty Box Essentials

So we all have things that we swear by and are always a part of our daily routine - so I thought I would tell you all about some of my Beauty Box Essentials!
First up is my daily moisturiser. I love Simple products - I also use the Make Up Remover and Face Wash! I have sensative skin and they seem to be the only products that don't cause any irritation.

Sleek is a slightly newer addition to my Beauty Box (The Lipstick featured in my Friday Favourites) and I absolutely love the Contour Kit! I'm not a make up expert but this is so easy to apply and it looks great. I don't leave the house without putting this on first!

MAC Fluidline Eyeliner is my favourite product ever! I always use to struggled with mastering the art of eyeliner until I discovered this bad boy! As you can tell from the photo, I am almost running out! It costs £16.50 a pot, which is quite pricey but this one has lasted me about a year, so it's definitely worth the money!

Another product I cannot live without is Carmex! I love Carmex and find it is the only product that keeps my lips soft throughout the harsh wintery months!

I love Boots own Coconut and Almond Leave-in Condition! I have quite long hair so like to look after it. I don't like to use too many hair products, but this product smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling soft everytime I use it - I just cannot resist (the almost empty bottle shows that this is a true favourite of mine!)

Freederm is another of my essential products! I was actually recommened this by my Doctor (when I was being dramatic about my skin) and it works an absolute treat. I am relatively quite lucky with my skin, only occasionally having the odd break out but Freederm always seems to do the trick for me!

What are your beauty box essentials?


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