Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hessian Bunting

When I made my Love Heart Cushions I over estimated how much Hessian I needed, so I have had a massive load of it just sat in my craft room doing nothing. I felt like it was time to try & use it, so immediately searched Pinterest for ideas. I came across some lovely Hessian Bunting ideas that just looked so cute. Teamed with some purple floral material I had lying around, I thought this would be a perfect idea for a little weekend project...with Humphreys help of course!

Hessian is really messy to work with & you have to be really careful with it as it frays so easily. I use my fabric scissors to get a nice, straight, sharp cut. I decided to use my pinking shears for the floral material as these would keep it from fraying & looks a lot tidier (I think). I sewn the bunting triangles to some plain white ribbon that I got from my local garden centre. Considering I made this out of bits & pieces I had in my craft room, I think it has turned out quite well. I think the Hessian has a countryside cottage like feel - completely the opposite of what our house is like so I have hung it up in my craft room! (Not sure Nick would appreciate purple, floral bunting in the Kitchen)!

What do you think? I still have quite a lot of Hessian left over (still) so if you have any other project ideas, please let me know!


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