Sunday, 11 January 2015

Something Old, Something New #2

I am really sorry that I haven't blogged in a little while! I kick started my New Year with a new job so I have spent a week or so settling in and getting back into a normal routine! But anyway, back to today's post...

I may sound a little boring, but I always find New Years Eve to be such an anticlimax. I love the idea of having a "fresh" start at the beginning of a New Year, but find the actual celebrating part to be overcrowded, overpriced and all in all quite stressful. Once upon a time I would spend loads on a brand new outfit but this year I wasn't too bothered about doing this, especially as our plans for NYE were quite casual - pre-drinks with friends then out to the pub. So I decided to raid my wardrobe to see what I could come up with myself..! The item of choice was an old dress that use to belong to my sister, but I regularly borrowed (stole) from her wardrobe. As illustrated in the very old photo below, it's far too short and I never wear it so (after getting my sisters permission of course) I decided to make it into a cute, skater style skirt! 

My sister & I - back in the day (2008)!!!

I use my dressmaker scissors to cut as close to the top of the patterned material as possible. I then folder this over twice and pinned in place to create the waist band. I very carefully sewn it in place, leaving a small opening so I could thread the elastic through. I secured the elastic in place with a few small stitches & then sewn up the opening.

What do you all think? It felt like I was wearing a brand new skirt, even though it's a dress I have had for years! I wore it with black tights, plain black top and my black leather jacket! Have you ever used an old item of clothing to make something new?