Monday, 6 April 2015

Smoothie Making // Tooty Frooty

 For a little while I have wanted to invest in a smoothie maker as I think they are an easy & healthy option for breakfast / post workout treat. Also our blender has had it's day really. I haven't attempted to make a smoothie in a long time so thought I would have a go, as a little practice run before commiting to a smoothy maker! It was so yummy that I thought I would share my Tooty Frooty Smoothie Recipe with you!

 2 x Strawberries (large ones & 2 extra for decoration if you like)
150g of Blueberries
1 x Kiwi (peeled, of course)
3 x Petits Filous (I used Raspberry ones but don't think it matters too much)

I literally chopped it all up and chucked it in. That was enough to make two small I had to share it with Nick...but it would probably be enough for one on its own. Do you have any yummy smoothie recipes?


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