Monday, 9 December 2013

101 Things in 1001 Days #64

So not only is this mine and Nicks first Christmas together (aww), it's our first Christmas in our little home together too - so we got to decorate it just how we like it! Our first Christmas purchase back in November (keen) was a Wreath! This one was only £8 from our local Garden Centre.

We also picked up these Holly lights which we have put all around the kitchen window. They look so cute and make it feel a little more festive!

As we didn't have any decorations, as well as buying some, we decided to get creative and make our own. I saw this in one of those home magazine and it was such a simple but effective idea! I literally used an old Scrabble game to put together Christmas themed words, along with plenty of Super Glue and Ribbon. I think they turned out really well and it didn't take long at all. It was a fun way to spend our evening!

 The colour theme for our Christmas Tree is red and gold so Nick went out and got the cutest heart shaped baubles from Next! I love Next home items and I did actually see these last time I went and I loved them, so I am really pleased that he picked these up! We also got some plain red and gold baubles from Asda as they are super cheap!

 And finally - here is our Christmas Tree in all its festive glory!

After a festive weekend of decorating, all that was left to do was admire out tree with a massive hot chocolate (with cream and sprinkles)!


Do you have any creative idea's for homemade decorations? I'd love to hear them.



  1. This year my mom and I decorated some wooden shapes in the colours & styles we wanted. You can generally buy about 20 cut-outs for £3-6 on ebay depending on the shape and size & the rest is craft paints & glitters that there is always some of in the house - or can be purchased quite cheaply as well. Considering we change our colour scheme every year & have 3 (tall) trees to decorate, it helps fill up the trees within budget & doesn't take up much storage space :) Also found its handy for last-min decorations when the shops run out of the colours/sizes you need!


  2. Ah wicked - that's such a good idea! Thanks for sharing it with me! I much prefer making things, it's more fun and personal I think!

  3. You're so crafty Zo Zo! Teach me your ways!

  4. Thank you Han! Maybe one day I'll teach you! X