Thursday, 5 March 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #2

Join a Fitness Class & stick to it

At school, I was one of the sporty girls. I would give anything a go and I usually spent my lunch breaks taking part in Netball / Rounders / Dance and then did it all again in after school clubs. I had 3 PE GCSE Classes a week, along with 2 core PE Classes a week. I was super sporty! Like many, I failed to keep this up when I went to College & chose to focus my time on Photography & Textiles rather than joining the Netball Academy. I got a little better at Uni when I started doing a Netball Session twice a week, but when I left University last year, I stopped again! I have tried a million & one different classes to try and keep myself fit & stay in shape but nothing has been fun enough. Until I discovered a Ladies Only Kickboxing Class in my area...!

Enjoying a King Prawn Korma after receiving my Purple Belt!

I go once a week, every Friday & I absolutely love it. There is plenty of focus on general fitness which is great & the Kickboxing side of it is hard workout too! We usually spend the last part of the session learning self defence too which I think is a great idea. I have managed to stick to this for 8 weeks which is really good for me & have even decided to take part in the grading - I'm a Purple Belt now (Oooh, get me)! As well as keeping fit, I have met a lovely bunch of ladies. Sometimes it is daunting joining a class on your own, but I can honestly say it's the best thing - you will be surprised how many others go on their own too! And I don't feel bad if I have a sneaky takeaway afterwards either. Are you thinking of joining any fitness classes?


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