Thursday, 6 August 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #72

Make a New Friend

Last year I discovered #CraftBlogClub on Twitter. Every Tuesday they have various discussions on Twitter encouraging other Crafters to share their makes, crafting experiences & advice. Throughout the year there are also different opportunities to take part in challenges, which are more often than not gift swaps which are lovely as it is always nice to recieve a handmade gift. I was so pleased when I discovered it as it was a great place to talk to like-minded others & get inspiration from others too! I have asked many of them for advice, particularly with my new Etsy shop I have set up recently, & they were all more than happy to help! Although I haven't met any of these fellow Crafters/Bloggers in real life, I think I would consider them to be my new Friends of the Twitter/Blogging World, so I am hoping this counts as one of my 101 Things! 

craftblogclub badge
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You should definitely take a look at some of their blogs too - they all blog about a mixture of lifestyle & crafts with perhaps a drop of beauty & fashion too!

Laydey Katabella
Fizzi Jayne Makes
Katie Gets Crafty
Live Peachy
Kay O
Chloe Jackson
Oodles of Craft
Jenny DIY
Gift Frippery

This is only a handful of the lovely people that join in with #CraftBlogClub but if you want to get involved then definitely drop by on a Tuesday evening - everyone is so friendly!



  1. Thank you for sharing the #CraftBlogClub love. I'm so pleased you enjoy the chats and challenges. I think we are a friendly, supportive bunch.
    We have often talked about arranging a meet up and Emma, Katie and I are starting to discuss this to make it happen in 2016.
    Fiona x

    P.s. Thanks for the shout out :-)

    1. Thats okay - I would definitely be interested in a meet up. Would be great to be able to meet everyone in person! :) xx