Sunday, 23 August 2015

Throwback // As Level Textiles

I have always been a "keen bean" when it came to Textiles. I absolutely loved it as School & graded highly in it. After my second year of college - when I figured out that English Literature just wasn't for me (yawn) - I decided to pick up As Level Textiles. Looking back, I could of done so much better, but I was at that careless age where I didn't give a damn & had no idea where my life was heading. So for a giggle, I thought I would share with you some of my amazing As Level Textiles Exam Work!

So my exam theme was Sanctuary: Beach. And apparently, this was my inspiration...

I am assuming this was about the time that Girls Aloud were cool & "I Can't Speak French" was released. I was obviously very keen on the slutty, shipwrecked look! I have some images taken from my sketchbook showing my thought processes & how I got to my final piece - which I must add, looks nothing like the above!

I made prints from real fish (eww) & shells I some how aquired - probably from a tacky seaside shop - which are included in my sketchbook. Thankfully, I only opted for shell prints on my final piece, so it doesn't smell fishy! I also ended up making it faaaar too small, which was fine by me as it meant I didn't have to model it in the College Fashion Show. The girl who modelled it for me was lovely & slim & had legs to die for, so it was probably for the best! As you can see, it doesn't look anything like my original inspiration, but it is still quite beachy/slutty so I think it turned out okay(ish). At the time I remember I was really pleased, until I got my exam results back then I realised that it actually was a bit crap (I got a C which is okay, but not the same as my A I got at GCSE)!

Although this has been a rather different post, I hope you enjoyed stepping back in time with me & looking at my appaulling work. If you did, then you must thank my wonderful Mother, who decided she no longer wanted my portfolio at her house (so rude) so hand delivered it to my house...! Cheers Suzy, you inspired me to share my work with the blogging community.

Next time: A peep at my BTEC Photography Work - if you fancy it?


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