Friday, 21 February 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days #11

Yes, you are correct - I have a new car! Yippeeeee! Please enjoy my new little beauty!

Although I am extremely excited about having a car, I am also incredibly scared too. I haven't driven in four years as not only have I been at University where I haven't really needed one, but a few months before moving away to University I cleverly decided to crash my car...making it a complete write off! Well done to myself. Don't worry, I was completely fine and most importantly so was the other driver (thank goodness). For anyone who has been in a car accident, I'm sure you can sympathise with me and understand how scary it is. So stepping in the drivers seat for the first time in four years is extremely daunting for me.

Nick will be taking me out for the first couple of days to refresh my memory - parallel parking anyone? So that will be good fun for him to laugh at me learning to drive all over again! And please note, I will NOT be driving my car on the 125 mile trip back to will be staying safely on the driveway, waiting for me to come home! This is one of my 101 Things that I needed to achieve before a finish University, as I need a car to drive to work (another of my 101 Things I am yet to fullfil). But I feel like I am well prepared for real graduate life...all I need now is an actual job and perhaps a lovely Mulbery Bag too!


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