Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How Much Is My Face...?

Typically, us girlies all spend way too much money on make-up, don't we? I know I'm guilty of this for sure. So I thought it would be interesting to tally up what I actually spend on make-up to figure out what my face is "worth".
First up, is the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer. As you all know I got this one in my Best of Benefit Gift Set for Christmas. I wasn't so sure of this concealer at first, but it is beginning to grow on me. Although I only have the sample size (which is still pretty big) the full size product is £17.50 in Boots.

Since being a student I have had to change what brands I use, so I am currently using - and completely loving - the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. Rimmel is my favourite high street brand and this foundation is, hands down, the best foundation...possibly even a close contender with my all time favourite Clarins Extra Firming Foundation. This one comes in at £5.99 in Boots - great for a student budget!

Next up is MUA Pressed Powder. I won't lie, this isn't my favourite product but my usual powder is Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder - a product that just doesn't fit with a student budget. But the MUA Pressed Powder does the job and for only £1 in Superdrug, I can't complain too much! 
*I purchased this instore & cannot find this product on the Superdrug Website* 

Make -up Products I Use Daily!
Although I previously used the Sleek Contour Kit - which I couldn't live without - recently I have switched to the Benefit High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer & Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder. Both of these products are amazing and create the perfect dewy, healthy, bronzed glow for me! The Complexion Enhancer is £19.50 in Boots & the Bronzing Powder is £23.50 also from Boots.

Sleek is a relatively new Brand to me. After Hannah recommened their products to me, I purchased the iDivine Au Naturel Eye Palette which I use every day for my Eyebrows and occasionally for Eye Shadow. I'm more of a minimalist (amature) when it comes to make-up so don't always opt for Eye Shadow - but I am beginning to get the hang of blending different shades together (honestly, it's that bad)! This palette costs £7.99 in Superdrug.

I have always prefered to apply Eyeliner with a brush rather than using a Pencil. After my beloved MAC Eyeliner ran out, I replaced it with Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner. It goes on so easily - must be my years of practice - and stays on all day. I never have smudged eyes by the end of the day; something I always had problems with when using Pencils. This one only cost me £11.50 in an Outlet Shopping Centre, however it retails at around £16.00 in Boots.

And finally, I have mentioned previously that I am massively loyal to MaxFactor when it comes to Mascaras. Although I do love the Benefit They're Real Mascara, I use the MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara daily. It's absolutely perfect; it goes on easily and doesn't clump my Eyelashes together - a massive pet hate of mine. This product costs £10.99 in Boots. 

So now it's time to reveal the grand total of my face - how much is it worth? To make myself look beautiful everyday (or atleast try to!) it costs £97.97. Wow! I won't lie, I wasn't expecting that as many of my products are great copycat versions of the more expensive brands & as I said, I am quite a minimalist with make-up as well. Perhaps I will do another post when I am a working girl, as I'm sure there are many products I will "treat" myself to when I graduate.

How much is your face?



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    1. Thank you - let me know if you work out how much your face is "worth" too! It's so surprising! X