Saturday, 22 February 2014

Friday Favourites #15 (The Saturday Edition)

I know I am a day late with this one, but I had such a super busy Friday tackling Uni Work, applying for jobs and entertaining my niece (no idea how Single Mummies handle this kind of thing full time!) that I didn't have time to finish my Friday Favourites. But finally, a day later, here they are....

Last week I noticed a friend had painted her nails the most beautiful shade of Blue. It was so eye catching and I loved it. The nail polish she used was Models Own (I'm not sure what the exact polish was called), which unfortunately isn't available in any of the shops close to where I live. So I decided to find a similar shade with Rimmel. I managed to find one almost identical called 503 Mind The Gap, Victoria. What do you all think? I am absolutely in love with it. Rimmel Nail Polishes never fail in my eyes, I have had this one on all week and it hasn't chipped once. My 2 year old niece also appreciated it - "Nice nails ZoZo, my nails have come off. I need to do them again. Not now, but maybe later" #Adorable!

The Great British Sewing Bee is back! Hooraaay! Obviously this is one of my favourite TV Programmes, although it really makes me want to get creative. I wish I had the outstanding skills that these sewers have, everything they make (even when it is described as "awful") I am completely envious of. I am counting down the days until I finish University so I can get my sewing machine out and relive my college days! If you are in love with all things crafty - like me - then you will love this! Check out the trailer below. Have you completed any crafty projects recently?

Finally on my Friday Favourites list is the amazing Ellie Goulding! I absolutely love her newest track Goodness Gracious! I have been listening to it on repeat in my car this week and it is getting me so excited for when I see her (15 days to go)! What do you think? I absolutely love the Music Video as well! Ellie Goulding is most definitely my all time favourite artist and winning Best British Female at the Brit Awards 2014 was well deserved! If I could be anyone in the world....

 I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Friday Favourites. Don't forget to leave any comments you have in the box below - I love hearing from you all :)


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