Wednesday, 19 February 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days #40

So for me, Valentines Day isn't a big deal. It's way too commercial and although it is lovely to spend the day being kind to your Girlfriend / Boyfriend - is this not something that should be happening all year around? I think Birthdays & Anniversarys are much more important than Valetines Day, but each to their own I guess. This year was mine & Nicks first Valentines together and we planned to spend it 125 Miles away from one another as it fell on a weekend that we hadn't planned to see one another (I live away at University & he lives back home). This wasn't a big deal for us. I recieved a card in the post which I was competely over the moon with - and of course I sent Nick a card in the post too. I really wasn't expecting anything when he knocked on my bedroom door at my University house & walked into my bedroom I was perhaps a little surprised. Okay that's a lie, I was so excited & extremely happy; I couldn't stop smiling! It was one of the loveliest things anyone had ever done for me. And the fact he had brought with him Flowers, Chocolates, Wine & an Indian Meal for Two made it all the more cute!

It was such a lovely gesture but he has set the bar high now! I wonder what he will pull out the bag next year?
 (If you're reading this Nick...I'm joking - kind of)

What did you do for Valentines Day?



  1. What a lovely surpise! The fact that you wasnt expecting it makes it even more lovely! x

    1. I know, it was really lovely of him & I love surprises too! :) X