Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Cards // Mango Salute Review*

Apologies for not uploading a post on Sunday, but as I Tweeted over the weekend I have an exciting review post to share with you all! As you all know, I love to dabble with abit of Card Making. However, sometimes there just isn't time for this...or perhaps you just want to break the tradition & send a slightly more unsual Christmas Card this year? Well say hello to Mango Salute...

Mango Salute is a website that sells fine art cards created by various Artists, Illustrators & Designers. They showcase a range of different cards, all slightly weird & wonderful, & give you the opportunity to add your own wording, photographs and videos! Mango Salute were kind enough to let me send 5 cards so I could try out the order process. Some websites completely confuse me, which puts me off straight away. Mango Salute was so simple and even allows you to "Appreciate a Card" (the equivilent of a Retweet / Facebook Like) which is saved to your account so you can go back through your favourite card designs later. I think this is such an excellent feature as I always see things I love, then scroll on by and totally forget about it.

Without giving too much away, I wanted to tell you what I chose to do with one of the cards I sent! I chose the Winter Penguin (by Izzy Wingham) because it is so cute and immediately reminds me of the John Lewis Advert...so I obviously added in a video of Tom Odell, Real Love! This appears on the back of the card linking straight to the video when you scan it with your smartphone - pretty clever idea! (You don't have to use YouTube...you can also record your own video message as well! Again, really clever idea)! What do you think of the Winter Penguin...?

Watermarks are included on the website for the protection of the art.
Your printed card will not show any watermarks.

Want to try it for yourself? Head on over to the website and take a look - there are so many different design to choose from. I love the Magic Letter cards too; I think they would make great Birthday Cards! Mango Salute are very kindly offering my lovely followers 40% off until Christmas Day. So if you want to send a fun, unique Christmas Card this year to anyone in the world, just enter Xmas40 at the checkout to get your discount! But be quick, as there are only 9 days left until Christmas!!


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