Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pinterest Inspiration // Christmas Edition

As I am sure most of you are aware, I am a big fan of Pinterest. If I ever need any inspiration, I head straight for the App. And with the Festival Season in full swing, I recently paid a visit to get some ideas for Christmas Decorations & Cards.

1. Ice Skates Decorations - These are so adorable & I love the idea for using a paper clip to make the little skate! They are such a simple idea too - they would be easy peasy to make, even for younger crafters or someone who is new to sewing!

2. Hama Bead Christmas Card - Childhood flashback!! Who else remembers Hama Beads as a kid? I use to love these & I love the idea of using them to make Christmas Cards. You really could do any design you want & again, it's a great one to do with younger crafts (except for the part where you have to get the iron out)!

3 - Bow Christmas Card - This Christmas Card design is a little more sophisticated than the Hama one & I love it. I think I would use my die-cutting machine to emboss a pattern onto the card itself though, but still keep the idea of the bow! I think it's great to have different textures & layers but at the same time keeping it relatively simple.

4 - Mittens Decorations - I have actually had a go at making some of these myself & they look fab. They are really simple to make & you can really get creative with different coloured felt & buttons.

Have you seen any great ideas on Pinterest Recently?


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