Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Feeling Festive // Wrapping Presents

Different post today (not my usual Thursday Thoughts) but as Christmas is only a week away, I thought I would show you all my Christmas gift wrapping! I love wrapping gifts & felt this may inspire you all to be a little more creative with your gift wrapping! Also if you aren't very good with the actual wrapping part (like me) then the pretty added extras takes the attention away from the messy wrapping - sneaky!

Firstly, I have the most amazing wrapping paper! I got it from Wilkinsons for £2 a roll. I got 2 rolls as I am abit OCD & like everything to match so wanted to be sure I didn't run out. The gift tags are also from Wilkinsons, but they are what I had left over from last year. I am sure they will have something similar there this year though - they have a great range of gift wrapping & tags! Now on to the fun part - RIBBON! I did a Craft Haul back in the summer when I purchase Christmas Ribbon for 50p a roll! I'm sure you all thought I was crazy at the time, but it looks so great now! I also had some red ribbon that I got from my local Haberdashery. And of course, the 2 ribbon rolls Fantastic Ribbons sent me. 

I'm so pleased with how it all looks - have you done any fun / pretty wrapping this year? 


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