Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Craft4Crafters Show

A little while ago I entered a competition with Crafts Beautiful to win a pair of tickets to The Craft4Crafters Show. It was one of those times when you totally forget you have entered it until you check your inbox & boom......"Congratulations you have won". I was so excited & thought it would make the perfect girls day out for me & my Mum. 

After a surprisingly quick drive to Exeter in the world's worst driving conditions(!) We went straight to the nearest cafe to grab a cup of tea & plan what we wanted to buy. I had 4 dressmaking patterns with me so we had a look at those to decide on which ones I should go with.

As usual it was difficult to know what way to turn with the many different craft stands to look at. We tried our best to explore the show in some kind of order, but it's so easy to get distracted - particularly by the giant knitting needles...

And this paper cake was just the cutest thing...

I found it so difficult to make a decision on fabric so spent a lot of time going back & forth comparing! I obviously chose some fabric from the cheaper stand (a very girly navy blue floral fabric @ £5 per meter) but also chose to treat myself to a slightly more expensive fabric too (some gorgeous burgundy fabric with dragonflies on @ £8 per meter). I think I was very good at being sensible as I could of spent much much more! 

It was such a great day, I do love a good crafty show. What craft shows would you recommend? 


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