Wednesday, 27 January 2016

101 Things in 1001 Days #74

Buy a pair of Ray Bans

When I wrote my list of 101 Things, I am guessing I imagined myself buying a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses! Unfortunately I am blessed with having poor eye sight, so prescription glasses are much more essential than a cool pair of "sunnies" these days. My last pair of glasses were a small pair of Red or Dead glasses, which were "on trend" when I purchased them...7 years ago! So it really was time for an upgrade. I always feel really under pressure when I'm trying on new glasses in the shops, so decided to order some from Glasses Direct this time. You can order up to 4 different pairs for a free 7 day home trial. Try them on in the comfort of your own home with no shop assistant bugging you - perfect! I knew I wanted slightly bigger frames this time, so order 3 different pairs - the Ray Bans were immediately my favourite ones! 

Once I had sent back my free trial glasses, I uploaded my prescription on their website. I actually uploaded it totally wrong (as I really don't understand what any of it means) but I emailed Customer Support who were really helpful & input my prescription correctly for me. As I ordered them on Christmas Eve, I wasn't expecting them to arrive any time when they arrived just before the New Year I was super impressed!

I absolutely love my Ray Bans & would 100% recommend Glasses Direct to anyone wanting to find designer glasses at reasonable prices! Maybe one day I'll have some "cool" Ray Ban Sunglasses too - but as these ones help me see & stop my migraines, I'm happy for now...


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