Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Get Crafty Card & Decoupage Starter Kit // Review

Remember that time last summer when I was lucky enough to win a box of goodies in a competition? Well, I have finally cracked open the Get Crafty Card & Decoupage Starter Kit. Ill be totally honest with you, I wasn't convinced from the look of the designs on the box. It didn't look very "cool" or "fancy" so I just popped it on the shelf & there it stayed. But ya know what? It's lush. I feel really bad & it just proves you shouldn't judge a crafting kit by the box....! 

The kit comes with a pack of plain white cards & envelopes, a pack of 3D Foam Squares & loads of cute decoupage designs to make beautiful handmade cards! It is so simple to do & super quick too. If you ever forget a friend's birthday you could knock them up a lovely homemade card in a flash & they wouldn't know any different! It is the perfect kit for beginners & I actually really enjoyed having a go at it whilst watching TV. 

I only did 2 cards for the time being - I didn't want to get carried away & waste the supplies! I did use some extra patterned card with mine too, just to add a little more colour to my designs. You could really add anything you like to it; buttons, ribbon, even mix the different decoupage designs together. I'm pretty pleased with my designs & can't wait to have an occasion to make another one! 

Beware friends & family - you'll all be getting handmade cards from me this year! 

Have you ever done any card making before? What kits would you recommend? 


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