Friday, 20 February 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee // Week 3

Anybody else have a stressful time trying to catch up with the Sewing Bee inbetween the Eastenders 30th Anniversary Episodes last night? It's just all too much good TV for me to handle in one night! Anyway, I managed to squeeeeze the Sewing Bee in & I have to say I absolutely love 50s week. If I was there, using the old Sewing Machine would of made me so stressed out but I think the Sewers dealt with it really well & they made some beautiful walkaway dresses in the first challange - I want to make one! I absolutely loved Lornas fabric, but it's just a shame she chose such clumpy buttons. Weren't 50s dresses so much more beautiful...

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I think using curtains for the alteration challange was a brilliant idea & really tested the sewers. It may have given them a little more freedom as it was just a sheet of material, but you still need to consider what would work with the fabric & pattern. They came up with some brilliant ideas. Neil let me down in the final challenge. I really wasn't sure what he was trying to achieve, but it didn't really work. Lorna definitely deserved garment of the week. She had worked so hard this week, producing some gorgeous garments and her shirt was just amazing! Sadly it was Neela's turn to leave the competition this week. I think she really struggled this week but she is such a fab sewer & a bright, positive person! I think she will be greatly missed. Well done to all of the men for managing to remain in the competition - there are some very strong male contenders this year thats for sure. What did you think of this weeks episode?


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