Friday, 27 February 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee // Week 4

How is it already week four & over half way through? I am absolutely loving this series & hate having to wait a whole week for the next episode to come around...but I feel like it's flying by all too quickly! I was so surprised when they announced that there would be 2 people leaving the Sewing Bee this week. I had one person in mind for who would go this week but couldn't possibly choose two! I absolutely loved the Corset Challenge. I made one for my A-Level Textiles exam so it was one task that I really understood & felt their stress / pain. Neils was, of course, my favourite one. I think it was the material more than anything. So beautiful. I felt really sorry for Ryan during the alteration challenge as I think the pressure got to him a little, but I really do think he did a fabulous job with his garment. The dress was totally different to the original skirt & jacket combo. Kilts was an interesting one I think. Have they done this before on Sewing Bee? I thought it really tested the Sewers as it isn't really something you would of made before...unless perhaps you are Scottish? Again, Neil did a brilliant job - I can see a pattern (winner) emerging?

Neils Amazing Corset: Photo Source

And then it was that horrible time where two of our beloved Sewers had to leave. I totally agree with the judges choosing Amanda to leave. She is very talented but seemed to run out of time this week by taking on a little too much. I felt like she wanted to get extra brownie points for making her own Bias Binding but there really wasn't any need - her corset material was also lush so it was a shame she didn't finish it properly! And then Ryan? Ryan? Ryan....? Ummm, what? I am so upset to see him go. I really didn't think he was particularly awful this week & he definitely wasn't one of the weakest in the competition. At one point I even thought he was winner potential. I have my eye on Neil....I think he may well be the first ever male Sewing Bee winner. What did you think about Ryans departure? Who do you think will win the Sewing Bee?


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