Tuesday, 17 December 2013

25 Facts About Me!

Here are 25 random facts about me, so you can all get to know me a little better!

  1. I am left handed
  2. My favourite colour is purple 
  3.  My Idols are Jessica Ennis, Fearne Cotton and Kirsty Allsopp
  4. I have an owl obsession
  5. My homeland is in Somerset 
  6. I ran the Bath Half Marathon 2013 in 2 Hours 23 Minutes
  7. I study Event Management but..
  8. ..I would love to be a Primary School Teacher
  9. Never Been Kissed is my favourite film
  10. I am a middle child, with two sisters
  11. I'm scared of the sea...
  12. ...and clowns
  13. My favourite food is Lasagne
  14. I used to work for Mickey Mouse
  15. I love keeping fit but struggle to keep it up alongside Uni (perhaps a New Years resolution?)
  16. Sometimes I can get really Hangry (Hungry & Angry - it's a real emotion)
  17. I hate Corriander
  18. I love Cats!
  19. I don't like eating Chicken because...
  20. ...my Dad kept Chickens when I was growing up
  21. My best holiday was a camping trip when I was about 2 years old!
  22. I'm really really organised 
  23. My favourite TV Programme is Don't Tell the Bride
  24. I love Music Events and Festivals
  25. Me & Nick have a cat called Humphrey



  1. I love the term 'Hangry'... it should definitely be a dictionary approved word!

    1. It's definitely a real emotion! I often get Hangry and it's not fun! Haha. X