Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Favourites #5

This weeks Friday Favourites is coming from Somerset! YAY! I am finally back home for Christmas and I am so happy. Although I still have assignments and revision over Christmas, I definitely feel like I need a break from the stresses of Uni life! And the first thing on my list (which I got to help calm me down!) is Chamomile and Vanilla Tea! I have never been much of a fan of Chamomile tea, however this one has Vanilla in which has a much stronger taste and is so so yummy! I tend to have them in the evening, just before bed.

 So as we are now in the gloomy depths of Winter and the weather is taking a turn for the worst, I was in desperate need of some new boots! Although Nick said he would get me some for Christmas I was too impatient - I need them now! Nick got me these lovely New Look boots as an early Christmas present (obviously I chose them - he helped/agreed where appropriate). Usually I opt for completely flat boots - but they never end up making it into the New Year! This time I wanted something a little more substantial. These ones certainly fit the bill. They have a cute heel and feel like they have been made to last. No cold / wet toes for me this Winter!

New Look - £22
Finally, this is a product I have had for a long time - YoungBlood Lipgloss! I absolutely love this product and I am heartbroken that I have almost ran out! The colour is amazing and it doesn't have the usual sticky texture some lipglosses have. It's easy to apply and stays on really well too. What more can a girl want from a lipgloss?! I will definitely be buying myself another one of these - perhaps I'll branch out and try a new colour. I have never seen YoungBlood products in stores, but you can get it from Beauty Time Therapies for £17. Quite pricey for a Lipgloss but I promise you it is worth it!

YoungBlood Lipgloss in Rhapsody

Do you use any Young Blood products? Let me know what you would recommend.


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