Friday, 20 December 2013

Friday Favourites #6

Something I have always had a secret obsession with is Candles! They make any room instantly look cosy and scented ones are my absolute favourite at the moment. My gran got me two lovely Prices Candles and a Yankee Candle holder (in the photo below) as a house warming gift. I won't lie I have never heard of this make before so wasn't sure what to expect. But as usual, my Gran never fails with gifts and I completely love them! Im not sure what scent the white one is as I got too excited and tore off the wrapper straight away, but the red one is Apple Spice and they both smell amazing! They aren't quite as pricey as Yankee Candles and I think they may even smell better (bold statement, I know).

Next up is Gingerbread Lattes from Costa. I have had a few too many of these recently and I love them! I opt for the decaf version as I can't drink too much caffeine but you really can't tell the difference. I love the little Gingerbread Man that sits on top and the tiny little gold stars are super cute! By far my favourite festive drink at the moment!

My final Friday Favourite for this week is one that I am a little ashamed to admit. I have no idea what other people thing of Leona Lewis' new song One More Sleep but I love it! It use to annoy me but it has completely grown on me! I'm not sure if this is okay to publicly admit - what does everyone else think?

I hope you enjoyed my favourites for this week! Next weeks may be a little more exciting as it'll be post Christmas - Woooaaaw!


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