Monday, 27 January 2014

LUSH: Think Pink

Last week, I had another wonderful Reading Week, so I was back home in Somerset again. Horaaaay! Although it wasn't all fun and games, as I had so much work to do with my Dissertation Research. Stress! But nothing a LUSH Bath Bomb won't make a million times better right? I ordered my younger sister some goodies from LUSH for her birthday and of course I treated myself to a Bath Bomb too! I had to order it all online as 1) I didn't have time to go to the actual store and 2) they are so far from where I live which is upsetting - however, please enjoy the little message that came on the box.

The Bath Bomb I sneakily purchased for myself was the Think Pink one. I chose this one as the website promised "’ll find yourself surrounded by rice paper confetti hearts that slowly melt away". Who doesn't want to be surrounded by rice paper confetti hearts in the bath? I also chose it because of all the wonderful reviews it had. Not being able to smell all the Bath Bombs myself made it difficult to decide. Especially because some of the most beautiful ones had mediocure reviews. Anyway, lets get to the fun part! When I put it in the bath it instantly fizzed and turned my my bath water a lovely shade of baby pink! It smelt absolutely gorgeous and, as promised, left tiny hearts floating in my bath! After I had soaked in my LUSH bath for way too long, my skin was left smelling sweet and feeling soft! I absolutely loved this Bath Bomb and would definitely recommend it.

I purchased this same one for my sister too; along with Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb & the Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar. Did I make the right choices? Fingers crossed she loves them all!

What Bath Bombs would you recommend? Even if they aren't by LUSH, I would love to hear about them :)


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