Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday Favourites #9


I am particularly happy today because tonight I get to have a fun filled girly night with the wonderful Miss Hannah - and it's only a week until exam stress is over! To help keep me calm & stress free during exams, I have been burning this Balis & Harding Candle that Nick got me for Christmas. It is Wild Bluebell & Jasmine and smells so amazing! My room smells lovely during and after burning - I think this one will be getting replaced as soon as it is finished. Although, I have been burning it all week and it isn't even a third of the way down yet, so I'm guessing it is going to last me a while - even better!

 Next is a necklace I have been wearing literally everyday since Christmas! It was a present from my Mum which she picked up in Dorothy Perkins. If I am being completely honest, I am not a massive fan of Dorothy Perkins and often think of it to be quite a "mumsie" shop (hense why my Mum was probably in there) but this is the cutest necklace and I was so impressed when I saw where it was from on the tag. I think I am definitely going to have to go in there during my next shopping trip to check out their jewellery. Well done Mum!

 My final Friday Favourite for this week is Mumford & Sons! They have always been a favourite of mine and last year I was lucky enough to see them twice, in two weeks! I would highly recommend seeing them, they are by far one of the best bands I have seen live - and being a two time attendee of Glastonbury that is a very bold statement! They are such a feel good band with so much energy. I have found myself constently listening to them recently as their songs hold such amazing memories which keeps me positive during stressy exam period at Uni. So if you haven't already checked them out (I'm not sure where you have been if you haven't) then please have a listen! And if you are toying with the idea of seeing them live - DO IT! Especially if they are playing at any festivals this summer, as they are the perfect music festival band. I'm praying that they will be at Glasonbury Festival this year - which would make it there 5th or 6th appearance there? I think? It could happen though right?

Who are your feel good bands/artists that make stressful times that little bit better?



  1. Hi Zoe! I love a good candle, I may have to pick one of these up! Not sure how to follow you on here, loving your posts! I have a blog too:

    Kailee x

    1. Hey! I definitely would recommend it, it's only just running out now & smells lush! Thank you - I'll check out your blog too :) xx