Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday Favourites #10

Yaaaaay, it's Friday again!

This week I am absolutely loving the Coca Cola Advert! I love all the points they raise, reminding us that for every negative experience (from falling over at your graduation ceremony to pointless acts of violence) there is always more positive experiences - like funny cat videos!

I'm really getting back into reading recently, so my much neglected Kindle has been added to my favourites list for this week! It's hard to read alongside Uni work as I have so much academic reading to do as well, so reading is becoming less of a treat these days. But I recently downloaded I Heart Paris and so far I am loving it. I read I Heart New York quite a while ago and A Single Girl's To Do List, both of which I completely loved. I'm quite fussy with books but for me, Lindsay Kelk always gets it right! Let me know if you have read any good books recenetly - I'm eager to update my collection!

Sorry that this weeks Friday Favourites is quite brief - it's exam week in the student world (boohoo) so I haven't had a chance to live a proper life and find out what my new favourites are! I'll make up for it next week though, I promise!

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