Tuesday, 11 March 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days #71

For my Birthday (in October) Nick surprised me with Ellie Goulding tickets!! I absolutely love her music and think she is a goddess, so I was insanely excited when Nick told me. Although it seemed like it would take forever for the day to arrive, it actually came around so quickly - it felt like I had an extra Birthday! I've been to my fair share of Music Concerts but I think this was up there with one of my all time best experiences!

I didn't get many videos or photos, I was too busy enjoying the actual experience - I never understand why people go to a Music Concert and spend the whole time watching it through their phones. But to see a few, check out my Instagram. Chloe Howl was the support artist, who I thought was absolutely great. She clearly loved what she was doing and was the perfect warm up before Ellie Goulding came out.

When Ellie Goulding came out she was absolutely amazing, beginning her performance with Figure 8 (one of my favourites). It was all so upbeat as she was dancing around on stage. She did slow it down at one point to perform Your Song & How Long Will I Love You. She also performed some older tracks - Starry Eyed, Guns & Horses, Lights & The Writer - which everyone went crazy for! She just came across as such a lovely person, and at one point said "..this is so amazing, I could cry. So I better sing instead...". Her perfromance came to an end with a confetti shower during Burn, amazing!
Photo taken from Google - not mine (I wish I was that close!)
Can you tell that I love her? Overall, it was such an amazing experience and the best Birthday Present EVER. I just want to do it all over again! Have you been to any great Music Concerts recently?


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