Thursday, 13 March 2014

I Heart Paris: Book Review

Inbetween completing University assignments, I try to make time for myself - so I read! This will definitely become a more regular thing when I finish University. I have just completed Lindsey Kelks I Heart Paris! I read the first book in the "I Heart..." series (I Heart New York) which I absolutely loved. I am so disappointed with myself as I seem to have missed out the second book and gone straight to the third - if anyone has read the second book (I Heart Hollywood) will it be rubbish if I back track and read the second one next? 

Anyway, I could not put I Heart Paris down! Following the mad adventures of Angela Clark makes me feel so much more calm about my own stresses in life! I don't want to give too much away to those who haven't read it but who knew a planned business / leisure trip to Paris could go so awfully wrong and take so many dramatic turns for the worst!? And I really felt as though I was on this rollercoaster ride with her. One minute I was laughing out loud, the next I felt angry and then I was almost squealing with excitement and happiness. As always, of course there was a happy ending, but I am excited to get started on the next book in the series to see what else could possibly happen to Angela Clark! If you haven't tried any of the "I Heart" series yet, I would seriously recommend that you get started on them soon! They are perfect for an entertaining bedtime read - although if you become addicted (like me) you may end up reading until 2am (like me). I'm dying to read "I Heart Christmas" but am not sure if its okay to read a Christmas book during the Spring - perhaps I'll have to hold out for the arrival of the Festive Season!

What are your favourite Authors? Can you recommend any good books you have read recently?


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