Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Favourites #17 ("If I Won The Lottery" Edition...)

Different Friday Favourites today my little Beauties - Bet you have always wondered what I would buy if I won the lottery? Well no need to wonder any longer because I have put together a nice little blog post for you all - Enjoy!

After I have done the obvious stuff like clear my student debt (boring) I would have to chuck large amounts of Money towards my family! Paying off their Mortgages, buying them houses & cars and funding my younger sister through University too! In my head I have won huge amounts of money on the imaginary lottery so I can afford to do this. After I have taken care of them, I would have to get myself a lush brand new Car! Although I do love my new little KA, who wouldn't splash out on some new Wheels if you won the lottery! I would definitely opt for a Volkswagen Beetle. Not sure what it is about them, I have just always loved them and have wanted one for such a long time! In the mean time I'll just pine over photographs on the internet - I especially love this 2013 Beetle TDI. And it has to be White. Such a beauty!

Next I would get a Mulberry Bag - something else I have pined after for such a long time. I have always said when I graduate I will save up the money and I WILL get myself a Mulberry Bag. Although it's so difficult to decide as they are all so beautiful, I would pick the Bayswater Double Zip Tote. As it is £1,500 I'm not sure I can ever justify spending that much on a bag - but isn't it so lovely?

Leaving my new Car and Mulberry bag safely at home, I would then jet off around the world and go travelling for a year. Although I have been to a handful of places on various Holidays, there are so many places I would absolutely love to go! I'm one of those annoying people who is a proper tourist and would have to go to all the landmarks and take in all of the local culture (as well as lots of photos!). Check out my Pinterest Board "Dream Destinations" - I have pinned plenty of images here too!

Finally, I would give Nick the rest of the Money (again, in my head I have won A LOT) so he could build us a brand new home. I would let him design it all, as he is good at that kind of thing, but he would have to incorporate some kind of Spa Room so I can have my Girlie Friends over all the time for Spa Sessions! That would be so dreamy.

So there we go, that was my "If I Won the Lottery..." Friday Favourites! I hope you enjoyed all of my choices. What would you spend your monday on? It's nice to dream...

P.S. I feel as though I have neglected my blog recently (again) but fear not my little beauties - I have some exciting posts lined up for next week so don't forget to check in!

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