Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Baking // Mothers Day Chocolate Cake

Happy Mothers Day to all of the fabulous Mummas in the world! Every year my Mum says "I don't want anything, don't spend too much..". Typical Mum! So this year I decided to bake for her instead! I had seen an idea on Pinterest ages ago & loved it. I have been trying to think of an opportunity to make it & thought it looked perfect for Mother's Day! The sponge is just a standard chocolate sponge with chocolate butter icing. The decorating part used up quite abit of chocolate. I used: 

9 kit kats (broken in half)
Half a bag of giant buttons
Half a bag of white chocolate buttons
A few Mintrels (if you like)

And this was the finished product...! I am so pleased with it & so was my Mum. Makes a nice change as usually me & my Sisters all opt for Flowers / Vouchers / Chocolates so my Mum ends up with the same thing every year, 3 times!! Did you do any baking for your Mum?



  1. What a gorgeous cake for your mum on mother's day! My mum always says the same as your mum :) Haha - so sweet. x x