Friday, 13 March 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee // The Final

Why is it the final already...Lets all just sit & cry for a moment!  

Challenge 1 - 90 minutes to make a Japanese top....I wouldn't have a clue! I'm sure this year has been harder than most, giving the sewers a vague pattern without a finished image to look at. I thought it was so lovely that they all helped one another - just shows the true friendships they have all made. As always, Neil did a fabulous job! The alteration challenge is always my favourite - but what was Neil thinking? I think he's gone mad! I really didn't like his "skanklet" but I suppose it was very different from its original form. It was just such a big risk for the final. Lornas was my favourite, I think she had a plan in mind & stuck to it. There wasn't too much going on but it all worked really well. Matts was also lovely, I could see myself wearing it actually! I think it was the least adventurous, but some really lovely subtle changes made it look absolutely beautiful.

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The final challenge - an avant garde dress! As you can imagine, this have given me a million & one ideas for future projects...not that I would have the opportunity to wear such an amazing dress. I wasn't overly keen on Matt or Neil's dress & I think Lornas dress was a little messy, but I really liked the Pinky/Purple & Green! I think it was such a close final & a difficult one to choose! Neil has always been my favourite (just in case I hadn't mentioned that before) but I think he just got totally lost in the final. Such a shame as he is amazing. But I think Matt was a very deserving winner too - & I am so chuffed that a man has finally won the Sewing Bee trophy! And now to sit & patiently wait for series 4 to begin....


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