Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday Thoughts #22 // 100 Happy Days

Happy Thursday!

After seeing that Laydey Katabella had recently completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge I decided I really wanted to give it a go for myself. At the moment, I find that more often than not when Nick asks how my day has been my usual response is "boring", "rubbish" or "same old". I want to appreciate the smaller things in life & remind myself that there is something positive in every day (even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes). So I think this weeks Thursday Thought is rather fitting...

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Only 71% of people manage to complete this challenge. It's quite sad to think that each day goes by & some people can find anything to be happy about. I am starting this challenge on Monday & will be uploading photos to my Instagram page using #100HappyDaysOfZoFlo. If you want to join in too, you can sign up here. I will keep you updated along the way, of course, & we can all celebrate when I make it to 100 (fingers crossed).

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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  1. Aww I'm glad completing the challenge inspired you to do it :-). Hope you're getting on well with it! I think I'll try 365 happy days next year!! Xx