Sunday, 5 July 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #76

Send a Postcard to Someone

 This seems like a simple one, but who even sends postcards these days? I don't. Unless it's just me being mean. And I never seem to recieve them either.

Whilst I was at Glastonbury I noticed there was a Postcard Tent, where you could send a Postcard to someone. I love sending nice things in the post, equally as much as I love recieving nice things too, so I decided to do one for my parents. There was loads to choose from, but I settled on one that was colourful & slightly unusual. Very Glastonbury-esque! I kept my message short & sweet, as there was a big queue for the pens/stamps, but nevertheless my Mum & Dad loved it (I think).

I definitely want to send people postcards more often! Even if I am not on holiday. Is that weird?


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