Tuesday, 21 July 2015

#CraftBlogClub // Pimp My Wardrobe Upcycling Challenge

Time for another #CraftBlogClub Challenge! My second one of the year & I was super excited about this one - Pimp My Wardrobe Upcycling Challenge! As I am sure you have already guessed, this involved raiding your wardrobe for any old clothing that needed revamping. You could pick anything you wanted & use any technique you felt neccessary to give your chosen item a new lease of life! Straight away, I loved the idea of doing Decoupage on some old shoes. I had recently purchased some Decoupage bits from The Creative Crafts Show so felt this would be the perfect opportunity to experiment. I found some 4 year old Primark Flip Flops that I haven't worn for a few years, covered in dust at the back of my wardrobe. They are cute, but quite a safe bet in terms of colour. They definitely needed "jazzing up" so they could become summer ready..

I visited my local Garden Centre to get some more Decoupage Paper that was more suitable for flip-flops & found the most beautiful purple, blue & gold patterned paper! I wasn't sure if it was a bit of a wild choice but it actually worked really well. I tore the paper up into small squares & chose to stick them of quite randomly. I was a little worried at first, but it turned out much better than I expected. I found the Bow really tricky to cover so used slightly smaller strips.

I am so pleased with how they have turned out & think it is quite a cheap way to make a massive difference to old flip flops. I expected to use atleast 1 whole sheet of paper, but I only used half which amazed me! I have done a bit of research & they obviously aren't going to be waterproof, but I figured as they are flip flops I probably won't be wearing them in the rain. I am so eager to try it out on another pair of shoes - perhaps a pair of dolly shoes / pumps.

Have you ever Decoupaged footwear before?



  1. These are lovely and turned out really well. Thank you for joining in with the challenge :-)

    1. Thanks - loved this challenge! Bring on the next one :)