Thursday, 30 July 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #59

Go Without Chocolate for 2 Weeks

 I am not overly sure what I was thinking when I was putting together my 101 Things list, but this one is a cruel one! I am a great lover of chocolate, as is Nick. Although I don't eat it everyday, we usually have some form of chocolate in the house so that if we want it we can have it (not that it stays in the house for long when Nick sniffs it out). Anyhow, after eating all sorts of rubbish at Glastonbury, I am currently working on eating healthier & exercising more, so now would be as good a time as any to cut chocolate from my diet too! So here is my journey of not having chocolate for 2 weeks...

Day One:
Day 1 of no chocolate - I met my Mum for Lunch & almost ordered a luxury hot chocolate in M&S. Ooops!

Day Four:
We had dinner at my Parents house this evening, as my Aunty & Uncle are visiting from America. They handed out After Eight Mints & I almost had one but Nick reminded me (rather smuggly might I add) that I couldn't have one. Damn it!!

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Day Six:
Treated myself to a Blueberry Muffin - I forgot these existed. They are so yummy & such a great alternative to standard chocolate. Definitely my new favourite!

Day Seven:
Just finished my lunch & I am dying for a yummy, sweet, chocolatey treat to help get me through the afternoon. It is actually really difficult to find a sweet snack in the shops that doesn't contain some form of chocoalte. 1 week left.

Day Ten:
I got Nick some chocolate for our Anniversary - he is now sat eating it & keeps offering me pieces. I can smell it. It smells amazing.

Day Twelve:
I'm baking cupcake for my friends birthdays - they are chocolate cupcakes & include a nice big tub of Betty Crockers Chocolate Fudge Icing. This is the worst kind of torture.

Day Forteen:
Final day of this nasty challenge! I am praying that I haven't developed some sort of chocolate intolerance because of this!

And we're done - Go without Chocolate for 2 weeks. Tick. Although I didn't miss chocolate as much as I thought I would, it was still quite hard. Especially during the afternoons at work. I can confirm that I probably won't be doing this again but I think I will definitely eat less chocolate from now on...


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