Sunday, 19 July 2015

Kirsty Allsopp Themed Card Pack // Review

I have been so busy recently, but last week I finally had some time to have a play with one of the crafty sets I won in the Sykes Cottages Craft Competition. As I was feeling lazy (it was a Sunday), I chose the Kirsty Allsopp Themed Card Pack - I also had a friends birthday coming up so it was perfect! The pack came with everything you need to make 5 cards, all with a cupcake/birthday theme! Everything was pre-cut so no fiddly bits & it even came with foam sticky pads. These were great as it created a 3D effect, which immediately makes cards look more interesting & brings the designs to life. 

I only chose to make two cards for the time being, but the two I did make I am so pleased with. It is such a great pack & is perfect for card making beginners. Although everything is the same, which limits the design of each card, there is nothing stopping you from raiding your craft box/cupboard/room (delete as appropriate) & adding extra bits to them to make each design a little different. I added a cocktail stick to one of mine to create a little flag on top of the cupcake. Cute!

What card making packs would you recommend?


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  1. Hi, where can i buy these card set from, and how much do they cost.
    A Laming