Sunday, 26 July 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #93

Go to a Flea Market

 I have never been to a Flea Market before, but it is something I have always wanted to go to. Luckily I have the Shepton Mallett Flea & Collectors Market about 15 minutes from me, so no excuses to not cross this one off my list. So off I trundle last Sunday with my Gran, who was more than happy to come along with me (although I'm sure it had something to do with the cheap upholstery fabric)!

I had no idea what to expect really or even how much money to take. But I knew what I was going for - a chair & some fabric - & made sure I only took cash for the amount I was happy to spend. I saw a few nice chairs, but most of them had already been painted & upholstered. I wanted something that was going to be more of a project so picked up this little beauty. It needs to be sanded, varnished & the padded seat needs covering but it's perfect. Just what I was hoping to find & at £25, I really did pick up a bargain!

There was so much other stuff to see & although we weren't there for the Jewellery, Paintings, China or Retro Phones(!) we still had a browse before moving on to the fabric. I knew it was going to be cheap fabric as a friend had mentioned how cheap it was when she went but I didn't expect it to be £1.50 a meter! At first, I thought "you can see why some of the rolls are £1.50 a meter" but then the most beautiful fabric caught my eye. There were three different varieties, all the same pattern but slightly different colours. One blue, one green & one blue & gold. I opted for the blue & gold as I thought it would match my chair perfectly. I would say I only needed around 1/2 a meter for my chair, but at £1.50 a meter it would be rude not to get I got an extra 2.5 meters to keep safe in my fabric stash! You know, just in case.

It was such a successful morning & I am so excited for the next one. There was so much more I could of purchased, but I didn't want to go too crazy. I am hoping to make some new cushion covers soon so this would be the most ideal place to pick up some fabric for these. I will definitely update you on my next trip. Have you ever been to a Flea Market before? Did you pick up any bargains?


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