Thursday, 26 February 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #14

 This is another one that I completed last year with my Friend & younger Sister. I have always wanted to take part in a Colour Run, they just look like so much fun, so I was really pleased when I saw one being advertised quite local to me. I'll be honest, I wasn't very well prepared / didn't do any training as it was only 5K so I thought it would be too easy. On the day, I found it quite difficult. I hadn't done any exercise since finishing University 4 months before & it was a super hot day (excuses, excuses). But it was still really good fun. It wasn't a hardcore, competitive run. Most people were slowly jogging / walking so I didn't feel too bad when we stopped for the odd walking break. And of course, we got covered in paint...

I would recommend a Colour Run to anyone to wants to get into fitness/exercise, but isn't a total gym bunny! Its such a good laugh & is so much fun to do with a group of friends. And a great way to raise money for Charity too! We didn't get to choose the charity we ran for, as the whole event was for a Childrens Charity - "Time is Precious". To me this is still a very worthy cause so it didn't change my decision to take part. You will have to wash your hair a few times when you get home though & definitely don't wear your best sporting gear either. Have you ever taken part in a Colour Run?


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